@stephen Am I the only one whose brain can't handle looking at realistic orthographic renders?.. Feels like the corners are skewed outwards.

@teknari @stephen It seems like a really obvious effect to me, we never see fully orthographic scenes (we are never infinitely far away from a thing that we can see), so it reads like something's weird about the scene

(no YOU need to be studied lol)

@faun @teknari we’re never infinitely far away, but the effect is exponential so if you’re far enough away, it’s close enough :)

@neauoire @stephen @faun @teknari I recall being able to switch her direction at will when I was younger but it seems that I have forgotten how to use that part of my brain

@estoricru @neauoire @stephen @faun @teknari

same. it started at CCW, then I quickly turned my phone 180° and back and it was CW

@faun @stephen Now that I’ve read that I can see what you mean. The floor space looks like a diamond not a square 🤯

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