@awalvie I modeled and rendered the scene in 3D using Blender, then brought it into Krita to edit it and add some digital paint elements like the clouds, and some washes. I posted a bunch of process shots last week, check it out on my feed!

@stephen I remember when that was just a bunch of boxes lol it turned out so beautiful!

looks great and very inspiring.
Blender is a tool I dream to learn someday.

@suvij it’s a great time to learn Blender. The interface has had a huge overall and the user experience is 10 times better than 2 years ago.

@stephen Looks fantastic, been really cool to watch it grow!

For what part of the process did you use Krita?

@freedcreative Thanks! I used Krita for touchup and some detail painting at the end.

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