I'm trying to create a modified Merveilles logo that reads better at smaller resolution (for a link in my site footer)

@stephen It seems like your image's resizing+resampling was performed without color management. And the input was probably in sRGB space. So it suffers from excessive darkening or dot gain effects.

If you resample with linear color blending, it doesn't darken or bleed unnaturally in that way.

(Both the medium and small logos in my image are resampled from a larger 450x450 source image)

@stephen SVG? Looks like their antialiasing is bleeding badly

@stephen This is what a Red-Green gradient is supposed to look like (unless you are intentionally imitating no-color-management workflow)

@stephen Does Figma not have *any* color management options?

@stephen Can you show me what a red-green gradient looks like? (Like the same setup in the screenshot I took of the web app)

@cancel extremely!

It's pretty sad. Otherwise a wonderful tool.

@cancel Can you resample to 20px and show me what you expect it to look like then? This is how it looks in any software to me.

@cancel Oh, I just realized that the svg source I used had been offset so the shapes were not pixel-aligned. This is why the bleed was so bad. The original looks much better now, but I still find the design hard to read at this size.

@cancel Hm. Even with the pixel-corrected svg, it's nowhere near that crisp for me in Chrome. I give up.

@stephen Pre-resized PNG8 probably smaller than SVG with all of those curves, you could just embed it

@cancel Yo, do you have to fuck me up like this? 😂

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