"most CSS frameworks do too much. we're different…

we're gonna stuff all possible CSS rules into their own classes and then use THOSE to make components!"

*trumpet fanfare*

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@stephen I’ve used this enough to see how you can speed up your prototyping workflow, but (as with other css-as-classes frameworks) I lean away from regular usage personally.

@tendigits It's hilarious to me. The pitch of Tailwind is basically "Bootstrap bad", yet they're going down the same road with more layers of abstraction.

@stephen yeah exactly; just write some CSS in a file, no need to memorize their class names just so you can stay in HTML land.

@stephen These frameworks are obviously not designed with those proficient in CSS in mind, I venture to guess...

I can't imagine a scenario in which having more default styles to overwrite is favourable.

@stephen for all my recent projects I just completely abstain from using any sort of frameworks. Just write like 10-15 CSS rules manually and that's it.

@stephen I don't use tailwind for production stuff, but their UI components are just curated designs built out of regular tailwind. There is no additional layer of abstraction because you are just copy+pasting

@cone my point is that the Tailwind pitch makes a negative statement about frameworks that do the exact thing that Tailwind UI is doing.

@deianeira I haven’t used a framework in years. The only truly reusable classes I’ve taken from project to project are utilities for flexbox and margin.

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