Any Ian M Banks fans? What’s your fave book in the Culture series?

@stephen I'm re-reading the entire series in the proper order, and in original English this time. I previously read some of them out of order and in Spanish.
I'm now reading the Use of Arms and enjoyed Consider Phlebas, it was a lot of fun.
The State of the Art was weird.

Also from my previous reading in Spanish I remember I enjoyed Excession a lot. Looking forward for a refresh (it was a long time ago)

@stephen probably The Hydrogen Sonata or The Player of Games. The latter because it does an astonishingly good job of producing a compelling demonstration of the unique absurdity of our world without being too heavy-handed in the process.


i liked the short story collection "State of the Art"

hanging out for the Amazon series of "Consider Phlebas".

@stephen Use of Weapons is probably the one I’ve found the most compelling. The structure is interesting, the plot is good and twisted, the characters are lively, and it does a great job at depicting a wide variety of worlds and situations. In a way, it merges the epic tragedy of the first book with the deep world building of the second book. I’ve only read the first four books though (State of the Art kind of put me off, I found it a bit too verbose and heavy-handed.)

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