@mrus @0xbiel because people may be forced to then use one of the better alternatives. I’m not cheering the content goodbye, rather the ad-funded echo chamber radicalization machine.

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Trump Birdsite 

@xuv hilariously, it's not the first time this has happened to his account!

@0xbiel lmao

designers spending too much time jerking each other off on dribbble dot com

@peregrine hey, oreos are vegan!

ever tried a peanut butter oreo sandwich?

@somnius I want to hear these vocals over the Asphodel basslines. That would be metal af.

@nasser I haven't read Harrow the Ninth yet, but I loved Gideon. I think I'll listen to the audiobook 😈

@cblgh burying the head so deep to evade nuclear blast

fedi things 

People request to follow me and they have:
• No profile
• No website
• One toot

…why do you think I screen my follows? 😆

@gueorgui It's been a while since I've been involved in that stage of the process. I do more maintenance these days.

Personally I'd pick Phoenix for a personal project because functional makes a lot more sense to me than oo. Ruby is of course more established than Elixir.

An observation: the teams using Elixir I've worked with have all been fully remote. Only a few teams using Ruby I've worked with have been remote.

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