@stephaniewalter "Okay, so, the deal is that rent is split by leg-count and not head-count. Sorry, I don't make the rules."

We made sambal and I ate a tablespoon of it straight. Mistake.

I don't identify as a morning person or night owl. Some mornings I wake up and can focus for 3 hours straight on a problem. Other days I feel like my head is fuzzy until after lunch, and creativity will hit me at 22:00 which is when I normally get into bed.

@deianeira I haven’t used a framework in years. The only truly reusable classes I’ve taken from project to project are utilities for flexbox and margin.


We should tattoo “[citation needed]” next to this idiot’s mouth.

fixing birdsite 

I can't fix birdsite, but I…

* Hide the all links to the "explore" page
* Hide all "trending" sidebars
* Hide the "messages" popup
* Hide the "related" sidebars
* Hide the "more tweets" section
* Don't use birdsite on my phone

@irimi1 I remember reading a study that BPM of music can influence heart rate.

@cone my point is that the Tailwind pitch makes a negative statement about frameworks that do the exact thing that Tailwind UI is doing.

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Has anyone here experience with rooting or jailbraking a kindle? Is there a better alternative os for it that allows me to read epub files? Boosts appreciated!

@tendigits Some great progress has been made. I love seeing talks from people in the VFX industry about introducing Blender to their pipeline.

I've been using Krita for a few months now for digital painting and it's splendid. Free software is amazing.

@tendigits It's hilarious to me. The pitch of Tailwind is basically "Bootstrap bad", yet they're going down the same road with more layers of abstraction.

"most CSS frameworks do too much. we're different…

we're gonna stuff all possible CSS rules into their own classes and then use THOSE to make components!"

*trumpet fanfare*

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