Financials, December 2020 

@somnius thank you! Do we still use AWS? Is it billed on a different cycle?

@joshmillard Wasn't there a basketball game being broadcast? The Knicks-on administration.

@jameschip I like these low-tech serigraph techniques. I think it's fun to draw directly onto transparencies when doing a screen exposure. The markers always give some interesting artifacts in the final print.

I finally framed these two lovely prints from @joshmillard and they look splendid in my office.

Here's a sketch of a small pomodoro app I'm working on. It's a toy I'm building to learn Svelte.

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The stockings were hung on the stockings with care, in hopes that Benoit Mandelbrot soon would be there.

@stephaniewalter I'm 100% certain this is done by people who wish Flash was still a thing.

@bee Get a lot of pickles. Dehydrate completely. Food processor.


Third straight day of rain. Feeling pretty down, and having a hard time concentrating on work.

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Introspection is the enemy of happiness, so my advice is: don't. Always worked for me.

Has it though?

I don't know! That's the beauty.

Don't yank all your CSS because you're challenged by CSS.

Don't de-saturate all your photos because you struggle with color theory.

Don't limit yourself.

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Sometimes Merveilles makes me think about these lessons – because there are some strong aesthetic conventions in this group.

It's beneficial to challenge yourself to break those rules, if only just to prove to yourself that you aren't incapable of adapting and doing things a different way.

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I'm lucky to have had many teachers who challenged me.

One thing that my favorite teachers had in common: pointing out when I shy away from my weaknesses.

If I was utilizing a technique, color palette, or tool in every project, they would point it out and ask me what I could do without that tool/technique/color.

This is a great way to challenge yourself and grow in a skill.

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