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I created a micro-fansite for my favorite Vespa:

It was fun to experiment with CSS grid in a more creative way than usual.

Anyway, my new side project is my partner's anime/manga review blog.

Feeds are time-pertinent. They serve as a history, a log.

Catalogs are much less time-pertinent. They evolve and change over time. They're taxonomically-organized knowledge.

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I'm trying to re-think my site organization.

I think things fit into two categories: Feeds (blog, reading list, photos, "now") and Catalogs (wiki, projects)

Often I'm making progress in more close-to-the-heart work, which may confuse any onlooker. I'm breaking through at low effort. That's art.

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At this critical moment, you either break through (and write a blog post), or give up.

Often, I give up. Usually the estimated benefit of breaking through does not seem worth the effort.

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When you run into a problem and ask the smartest people you know, who reply "Yeah, this stumps me, too" – you've specialized.

Come to think of it, I'm not actually a generalist. I'm a specialist in a domain.

uspol, joking 

The Wikipedia entry template for a Republican congressional candidate has typical article headings:

• Early life and education
• Career
• Sexual misconduct allegations

"it starts by explaining in very basic terms what computers and software are, despite the fact that de-compression software would be required to use any of the archive."

A friend told me this photo I took would make a good album cover.

@deianeira I enjoyed the album by The Humble Bee which you recommended. Very much my taste of ambient. Looking forward to checking out the other suggestions.

Rediscovered via Wiby this morning. Wow, I had totally forgotten about this website.

Affinity Designer is quite a tool. This was really fun to make and I felt like I could jump in and do it without fighting the tool itself.

Prison volunteer programs are oxymoronic.

To volunteer, a person must be free.

"Type 1 fun is enjoyable while it’s happening.

Type 2 fun is miserable while it’s happening, but fun in retrospect.

Type 3 fun is not fun at all. Not even in retrospect."

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Learned about the 3 types of fun this morning:

I'll write something about my own fun scale. This one is a bit too climbing-specific to be meaningful to a wider audience.

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