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Why do programmers put "yak shaver" in their bio like it's a badge?

It's like "Father, Husband, Businessman – love to throw money into a pit because I lack focus."

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"Employees shouldn’t have to confront social issues in their day-to-day work unless they want to, the CEO said."

Burn. It. Down.

Interesting treat if you like sour candy: Cover green grapes in lime juice and freeze them for a couple hours. Let them partially thaw (15 minutes or so) and enjoy!

They have a punch like a sour patch kid candy, and a little chewiness from being frozen.

"The team hypothesized that a sealed container on the ocean floor could provide ways to improve the overall reliability of datacenters. On land, corrosion from oxygen and humidity, temperature fluctuations and bumps and jostles from people who replace broken components are all variables that can contribute to equipment failure."

For a certain sect in politics, “life isn’t fair” became “life shouldn’t be fair” somewhere along the way...

When my gf brings me Mediterranean food: “get the Greek to him”

When all you can think of is a hammer, every analogy comparing software tools to physical tools looks like a hammer analogy.

ending all communications with "idk" to absolve myself of any mistakes.

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Something neat I was reminded of when reading this note about aperture on @slisne's page (
The f-numbers in photography have "weird" values (1.4, 2, 2.8, ...) because the thing you want to control is how much light is let through, which is proportional to the aperture area, but the f-number is proportional to the aperture diameter/radius. f-numbers increase by factors of √2 so that the aperture area increases by a factor of 2 for each step, since area ~ radius².

I've seen much criticism of cryptocurrency that hinges on the environmental impact of computing, the fear of mob rule of the ledger system – or the trust we place in cryptography itself.

I think the worst part of virtual currency is the exactitude with which it enshrines our debts.

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Slathering myself in spf and going to the beach.

Starting a podcast with the significant others of my significant other's best friends called "The Hos of my Ho's Bros Before Hos".

Left my pencil outside all night in torrential downpour.

It's totally fine. Perfect tool.

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