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Animal Collective’s “Feels” is an album which will always cause a flood of nostalgia for me

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I joined a design community and part of the rules is to not discuss politics or religion "as it is a design community".
I get it, but in the meantime, I am sorry, but everything is politics. How can you be a good designer if you want to remove politics from the equation?

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Good design is about understanding users. And in some cases, it actually means having less whitespace, using more colors than just "10 tints of the same blue",etc.
So, don't follow blindly those UI guides and use your critical thinking to adapt the guidelines to your user context

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Haven’t had a hair cut in months so I’m looking like Frodo

Which hue best represents "in the moment?"

something happened when I let go of the cynical parts of me.

I made a footbridge in my back yard. A lesson: connecting boards end-to-end is difficult. Pay extra for the long boards.

And oldie, but this is such a fun, interesting analog project.

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Thanks @ckipp for making a list of all our most useful hashtags!

- Personal Projects
- Currently Listening..
- Visual Inspiration
- Games and Interactive art
- Literature
- Movies
- Programming
- Raspberry Pi, IoT
- Travel
- Cuisine
- Fashion
- To express own frustrations

Is there an explanation for the phenomena that allows our brains to remap an inverted axis easily, but not an arbitrary axis?

For instance, on a joystick it's fairly easy to accustom oneself to an inverted Y axis, however it's difficult to assign (in the brain) the X axis (of the stick) to the Y axis (of world space).

Also, pairing my Switch pro controller to my computer took 2 seconds and I didn't have to install any drivers. We have really come a long way, huh?

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