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I make things, experiment with , , , in particular and (PPC/68k mostly). I like and . I enjoy , and aim to put out 6 issues of Tales From The Dork Web a year, available at

I also occasionally write for WhatIFF? Magazine.

Meteor M2 satellite captures with the v-dipole yesterday evening (left), and this morning (right). For some reason I'm getting this for Meteor but nothing for NOAA passes. Anyone have any ideas why I might get Meteor but not NOAA APT?

Set up a LilyGo T5 ESP32-powered 4.7" Eink device with modded IoT Weather Station code based on G6EJD's source. It's quite busy but a start. I'd like it to poll an MQTT server rather than OpenWeatherMap.

Comes on every 30 mins to update. Need to kill the green and blue LEDs though.

Code here for anyone interested:

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Let's be clear: #celebrities, from singers to #Musk, want to groom users to become diehard fans that can be squeezed for money, which is hard to do in a #socialmedia that has relatively more freedom (#Twitter), hence they choose #walledgardens that require shorter attention span and allows for more personal censoring (#Instagram and #TikTok allows deleting other users' comments under one's content).

Reject modern personal worships, defend free discourse with #respect!

Everyone told us (even on island) that rockitis would set in and we'd need to go to civilization but between us we haven't been able to conjure up the will to leave, even for a day trip.

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Closely followed by the more SFW Moldovan entry. Still want to make it to Moldova at some point

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My favourite Eurovision entry was Latvia's eat your salad. Catchy hook, bonkers lyrics, what's not to love?

(Uncensored vid, sexual references, not kid safe)

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Well, it looks like a good cleaning was all it needed! :flan_hurrah: No more video glitches or distortions, although it seems to still have a little bit of jitter every once in a while when the drive is active. Still, it's much better than it was previously. I currently have NiftyTelnet telnetting to my Power Mac G4 running Debian bookworm/sid ppc64, and then SSHing to my Raspberry Pi model B running NetBSD where my SSH session to SDF is active.

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Que viva el derecho a reparar.

- - -

Long live the right to repair.

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#Amiga Blitz Basic Game Jam

Make a game in 3 months June-September using Amiga Blitz Basic or AmiBlitz and win some great prizes!

#retrodev #retrogaming #commodore #AmigaRetweets

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The Home Computer Course.

A TV ad from 1984 featuring a Speccy - don't get left behind!

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sexual violence 

@dokoissho I like Bembo and there are sanses I like (Gill Sans is not one of them and the worst part about moving to Stockholm was seeing Gill Sans everywhere, not so much these days. I like the geometric O but I can't with that flowing R. Also is not cool.)

There are even sanses I like for body text but they are fewer.

Watched Strange New Worlds after episode 5 of Picard. Strange new worlds is uplifting, well written and did a great job of paying homage without giving too much away.

Picard S2 is already recycling elements of S1. The writing is pretty shonky and it just feels not worth the payoff to keep watching.

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I really wish I could just deposit things into a collective reuse/recycle pool, and take things from it as needed. consumerism is such a curse

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