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I make things, experiment with , , , in particular and (PPC/68k mostly). I like and . I enjoy , and aim to put out 6 issues of Tales From The Dork Web a year, available at

I also occasionally write for WhatIFF? Magazine.

@steve followed your stuff for a while, good to see you in town

@steve welcome! i was actually yesterday trawling dork web archives to see if you'd done a 68k macintosh issue ;)

@noa I haven't because I've rewritten it from scratch 3 times already 😆 - also my 68k Mac is my Amiga 4000 (ofc). I do have one planned about Mac OS 9 and OS X on PPC but I'm waiting for the new Sorbet Leopard release.

@steve well i look forward to it, however long it takes!

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