Unsure where to go from here -- I'm not much of a game designer. Or maybe I genre-hop and try prototyping another type of game?

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Learning an awful lot about Unity (good and bad) by prototyping a dungeon crawler with a tileset I got off Itch for $4.

Put back together without breaking anything. :D

• Floppy emulator as DF0
• Real floppy drive as DF1 just in case
• 2GB CF card as internal hard drive
• Radeon 9200 @ 1080p on DVI port
• Amiga RGB port -> VGA scan-doubler in case I need to kick down to 15KHz modes for demos/games
• Ethernet card with functioning TCP stack (can FTP to my NAS to transfer files!)

Actually kind of marginally useful? 040 slow compared to M1. :) Not sure what the SSL situation is on Amiga now?

Although the Amiga's HD still works, I've replaced it with a CF card. Got it partitioned, OS 3.2 installed, and bootable.

The CF adapter uses a small, floppy drive style power cable. I only have 2 of those available and now need 3. I have unused molexes coming out of the PSU though, so I'll get an adapter for one of those. That should enable me to actually shove this Möbius strip of IDE cables back into the case.

Floppy emulator successfully installed in the Amiga. Just dial up the disk image you want! Tiny speaker provides fake mechanical drive sounds!! 😀

I thought the front panel just had normal yellowing, but whatever's on it is.. coming off in thin flakes? And something much closer to the original color is underneath... Maybe I'll just try scraping it all off. At worst, I can repaint it.

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Taking the Amiga 4000 apart to do some hardware swaparoo. (Want to replace one floppy drive with a GoTek floppy emulator, and the HD with a CF card.)

Need to stop trying to order tea from big chain coffee shops. (Or anything, for that matter.)

If anyone remembers the silly video poker game I wrote for Playdate during the 2020 Merveilles HyperJam, I just uploaded it here with its Lua source code: stevenf.itch.io/grelbs-very-go

Approximately every 2 hours, I swing all the way from "I must have my 6TB of curated data indexed and searchable from anywhere on Earth at all times" to "I wonder if I could use a Palm III as my primary computing device" and back again. I'm so very tired.

Was feeling pretty smug about having all my files stored locally on a NAS when iCloud went down for like 30 minutes yesterday.

Well, today my home internet service went down. They can't seem to fix it remotely, and the ETA for a tech is 48 hours. I can access my files as long as I stay home, I guess. %-D

I started making a hierarchical view system in love2d because... ??fun??

Don't be fooled by the fake text editor

Wanted to do a 5 minute experiment with an unfamiliar API and was so absolutely and immediately beset by problems with codesigning, library compatibility with multiple architectures, auth tokens, and other environment setup things that I gave up before I even got to the first line of actual code.

Maybe I just got too old. None of this is fun any more.

I keep alternating between taking my gopher server down and putting it back up due to a surprising amount of anxiety about sharing _anything_ personal online in 2022, even to an effectively nonexistent audience. Kinda sucks.

Ah well, it was worth a try. :D

Dipping into some Gopher and Gemini spaces this weekend was so refreshing. I want more plaintext back in my life.

Playing around with Bombadillo bombadillo.colorfield.space and I like it!

Weirdly, it doesn't seem to word-wrap Gemini content, but it does for Gopher? Not sure if this is a bug or what. Didn't see anything in the docs about it.

Hm, unfortunately if Safari has a start page set, the page steals keyboard focus away from the browser's address bar on load, so I can no longer just pop open a new browser window and start typing a URL or search term :-/

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Have a collection of short quotations that resonated with me from a few books, but never go back and look at them. Experiment: put them in a text file, write a quick web page to serve up one at random, and set that to be my browser start page.

I've been using Bear for notes for a long time, but Obsidian has a number of advantages over it:

• Backlinks! Even for _unlinked_ references!
• Back/Forward nav buttons
• The new Live Preview mode where Markdown syntax is hidden unless your cursor is inside it. This is great.
• Filesystem-based storage
• Free for personal use
• Cross-platform: I'm trying to get all my data into a platform-agnostic state

Shame about Electron, but this might be one of those cases where it's worth it..

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