Have spent months/years going in circles trying everything to find the perfect Goldilocks OS or computing environment and I think maybe what I want is no computers at all.

But my entire identity, family infrastructure, financial and social livelihood is entangled with them. I don't think there's an escape hatch. I can't even imagine what I'd do in my free time if they weren't around. Which is an uncomfortable thought to sit with, if not a particularly novel one.

I haven't been doing Inktober, but I did do a couple of new paintings last night after a long hiatus. Trying some new techniques!

wildfire / climate change 

Greetings from smokey Portland.

Phone anxiety is the worst. I have a 15 minute call in 3 hours and I don't think I'm going to be able to do anything productive from now until it's over.

Still looking for a good Dropbox-like that can use a Synology NAS as its backend and has cross-platform clients. Off-the-shelf options include Resilio, Synology Drive, and ownCloud.

Prefer suggestions of things you have actually used for a length of time and have proven to be reasonably stable. TIA

If anyone's interested: on Friday at 11AM PDT, I'll be doing a live stream of the absolute basics of setting up a Playdate developer environment, writing some simple Lua code, and getting it onto the device. twitch.tv/panicsteve

Matthias updated Einstein and Basilisk II to do serial port communication over a TCP port, so now you can do NewtonOS development in a completely virtual environment.

Any of you Linux C programmers have a preferred IDE? Something with a nice visual interface to gdb? Supports CMake and indexes the project for autocompletion? Or are y'all editor + shell

Stops happening if I maximize the Firefox window! Comes back if I un-maximize it. 🧐

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I just created Ubuntu and Elementary VMs on my Mac and can't repro the issue on either. It only happens on the laptop that has Elementary installed on the metal. 🤔 I wonder what I did.

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Seeing a strange (new?) behavior in Firefox 75 on Elementary: if you right-click on a link or a span of selected text to bring up the contextual menu, the menu disappears as soon as you release the button, activating whichever menu item was below the mouse pointer (Inspect Element, or Save Link As).

Is this just me? Firefox bug? Linux/Elementary issue?

Recommendations for screen (and/or partial screen) recording on Linux?

Also looking for a simple Linux video editor (think like iMovie) where I can drop in clips, trim them, sequence them on a timeline, and add a voiceover. I see quite a few options, but what do people find easiest to use?

I'm calling it done! My entry is "Grelb's Very Good Video Poker". Since you can't play it :( I put a video here: stevenf.com/downloads/hyperjam (250 MB). Art by me with contributions from my daughter. Music from the internet (freepd.com).

is coming together nicely. 9 y.o. found out what I was doing and appointed herself art director. Tomorrow: polishing up art and looking for some royalty-free sound effects and music??

Couldn't think of anything original or artistic, so I'm making a little video poker game for the . Got main game loop playable yesterday, now to add some weirdness.

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