I'm calling it done! My entry is "Grelb's Very Good Video Poker". Since you can't play it :( I put a video here: stevenf.com/downloads/hyperjam (250 MB). Art by me with contributions from my daughter. Music from the internet (freepd.com).

is coming together nicely. 9 y.o. found out what I was doing and appointed herself art director. Tomorrow: polishing up art and looking for some royalty-free sound effects and music??

Couldn't think of anything original or artistic, so I'm making a little video poker game for the . Got main game loop playable yesterday, now to add some weirdness.

I stopped getting reliable notifications from Reminders, so I moved all my reminders to Calendar events. Then I stopped getting reliable notifications from Calendar events, so I have now moved all my reminders to a crontab on a VPS that sends me emails.

Mixed format terminal experiment. (This is just a concept. The app is real, but the OS / filesystem interaction is simulated.)

Did you know that macOS has a built-in API for particle systems?

Experimenting with a homemade web front-end to Recoll (inspired by @karlicoss)

I let it index ~800 web pages that I captured as PDFs over the years for various reasons. Then dumped in a couple years of email and that works pretty well too.

It doesn't feel right to keep these files on a VPS though. Security is a concern, plus it separates them from the rest of my files which live on my home NAS. Don't like having things in 2 places. 🤔

This looks extremely useful and, after a few minutes of playing around, seems to work exactly as described. It captures full web pages with all their dependencies to a single HTML file. github.com/Y2Z/monolith

Big thank-you to @bkhl for introducing me to it.

If you save just the HTML of a web page, you lose images & CSS. If you screenshot it, you preserve images and formatting, but lose links and searchability. If you save it to PDF, formatting often gets mangled. Recursive wget grabs too much. Safari webarchives aren't viewable on other platforms. Evernote web clips often format poorly and don't export cleanly. And archiving any whole page will include ads and unrelated junk that pollutes search. Bookmarks rot.

How do you clip web content??

I abandoned cloud storage a while back and store everything on a Synology NAS at my home now. It's not internet-facing, but I can get to it through a combination of DynDNS and VPN.

So remote access is possible, but it's a pain, especially on mobile. Curious what others with similar setups do, or if it's just the usual case that security comes at the expense of convenience?

It appears neither Evernote nor DokuWiki can handle a search for "C++" or "C#". They match almost every note, probably getting distilled into searches for the letter "C". :I

I don't know but it seems like it would be cool if there was a GUI toolkit that only required C99 and something like SDL as a display abstraction layer. Highly portable and you could get something that worked like a <canvas> without bringing in an entire web browser.

(Or maybe it does exist and I just can't find it.)

I blasted a bunch of "notes on notes" into Evernote yesterday: evernote.com/l/AAE71NkdfERLN5e Feel free to read or discuss, but there's nothing particularly new or innovative here, just a mental inventory of some things.

It's clear that the first thing I need from my system is a way to manage _this_ note because, WOW, Evernote is not it!

I've been using Bear for notes, and it's really quite good for my needs. But it only runs on Mac and iOS. Evernote runs everywhere, but it's much clunkier IMHO. OneNote is off the table because it has effectively no usable data export options.

I like wikis, and have used DokuWiki and written my own before. Merveilles makes me want to take another shot at rolling my own notekeeper, designed specifically for me.

Hesitating because it's a lot of work and hasn't ultimately paid off in the past.

Tried to use 2 different Bluetooth mice with Elementary. Both appear to have successfully paired, but show statuses of "Unable to Connect". Also, there doesn't seem to be any way to unpair devices from the GUI? Oh well. Wired's better anyway.

I thought I'd be able to adapt to another OS for personal use quickly, but I'm surprised by the _intensity_ of the discomfort. Not to mention the voice in my head saying "you have a Mac software business, dummy; how's that even going to work?"

For now I'll continue migrating my PIM data off iCloud, so I at least have options. Not to mention how unstable iCloud has been for me. :I

Here's Ubuntu 19.10 running at a comfier 1.25x scale on the same 27" monitor. However fractional scaling appears to be very detrimental to the performance of things like scrolling a web page. Suuuuper choppy.

To enable fractional scaling on Ubuntu 19+: gsettings set org.gnome.mutter experimental-features "['x11-randr-fractional-scaling']"

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