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I guess I've never done an so let's remedy that.

I design and code video games and tools for a living. I mostly do character animation, controls, gameplay and cameras. My most notable co-creations are the combat in the original Assassin's Creed, Kate Walker's point and click locomotion for Syberia and more recently the locomotion system for the ape in Ancestors The Humankind Odyssey.

I dedicate the balance of time to walking, meditation and TV series.

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I made a tool / meta-language compiler to assist with the authoring and usage of Hierarchical State Machines. It generates raw, compact, self-contained and dependency-less C++. As such it requires nothing else for end-point compilation; no mandatory lib or include, just the compiled version of each of your graph. See for details.

My nephew sending me C coding questions at midnight... what have I done...

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I'm getting a private calculus class from @pindola and I'm loving it. I am *finally* understanding stuff that I had a pretty hard time teaching myself.

I just "retired' my first incorporation from a few years ago. The company was dormant and basically just taking up administrative time for no reason.

RIP Motus you were... uh... instructive...

Now every effort is going into Servo Games! We're doing good so far, under the radar still...

"Laughter is the only tenable attitude in a universe which is a joke played upon itself."

-Peter J. Carroll, Liber null

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It feels good watching the downfall of several former Ubisoft colleagues who I personally considered very toxic, even if it's more than a decade later... I was never a direct victim, but I was definitely bothered by the ultra-macho vibe on the production floor, at least back then.

Last game getting compared to Death Stranding and Subnautica by Super Bunnyhop. I'll take it. :D

We're finishing up the last bits of the application to culture funding for my next game and sending it within the next couple hours. Whew. It was a couple of pretty intense months, thank god there was Hyperjam in the middle to give me a break. I'm very happy with the end result, it actually solidified a few key concepts. I can't wait to share some of this with y'all, but I'm still keeping quiet for now. I just prefer it that way, no hype :) Stay tuned.

"It is odd; I perform all the dance moves and yet I still don't hear any music."

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@neauoire je bois ma première bière depuis la dernière fois qu'on est allés au Dieu du Ciel 🍺 je m'ennuie de nos mercredis

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WIP Shadow of the Beast, an attempt to demake the original game as faithfully as possible for the Atari 2600—here is a working playable demo !

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