In 2 days I'm taking a 2 weeks vacation from work. What I gonna do? Sailing class obviously <3

Found a perfect name for my personal tracking system. Notice my surname :D

When it happens to peek at the streaming services without ad-blocks I'm always shocked on how much ads are there, and even low level ones. Today YouTube showed me a banner which was falsely claiming that my phone memory is low. I think about tech un-savvy people.. And on how investors now claiming all the money back from the streaming services, pushing the ad space more and more.. How will this Ouroboros end?

First steps towards my personal tracker. Made a morning exercise helper, which tells me what to do, with a counter for how long to do it, and a final vibration alert. Afterwards goes to the next exercise and so on. In the near future I'd like to expand it with tracking capabilities, and workflow pomodoro technique helpers.

Speaking of music gems, as in my previous post, one of my favorite russian bands is Komba Bakh, a collective which released 55 albums (!!) since 2000. All available for free on they website. Now the thing: album number 51 is a one whole .nrg (nero image) file. You don't see something like that everyday :)

Since tomorrow is the lunar landing anniversary, I was wondering have @neauoire and @rek felt like Apollo astronauts being inside Pino in the middle of the pacific ocean, with little computer power and little electricity, just like the Apollo Guidance Computer.. Damn I feel romantic today :)

Signed off from Spotify. The effort of obtaining something is a two way binding with the perceived value of it. If there is no effort, the perceived value drops drastically. My music collection from being felt like some sort of gems which I gathered during long explorations of my life, was quickly turning into some sort of McDonald's menu. Claim back the effort. Claim back the adventure.

Downgrading your full-time job to part-time job, in order to free the necessary time for growth, lowering at the same time your consumption needs: done.

@neauoire are there any writings by you anywhere online? Like blog posts or articles of any sort?

And this is my new desktop wallpaper, as a reminder of very courageous people out there.

Was thinking these days about how we are in some sort of dark ages now. In medieval times valuable information was physically unavailable. Now it becomes physically unreachable, closed behind rising algorithmic barriers, which acts on one's attention, cognitive biases, and informational overload.

I'm really inspired by all the people on this instance, in creating their own tools of trade. Since I shifted to creating music via live coding, I was overwhelmed with all the tiny bits to keep in mind while doing it. I'm starting to think that maybe there is a better way, like creating instruments (in my case in Tidal Cycles) and a live coding interface to play them.

Hmm.. Wondering who I got the inspiration from.. (Coast of Pisa, Italy)

@neauoire Thanks! I'm sure I'll find interesting stuff here from like minded people, and luckily share my own.


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