September cat walks

I was just playing with some synth apps and realized I should record and publish it.

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From time to time I want to learn programming and fail. And just recently I stumbled upon thoughts like how do I understand programming? Why do I want to learn what?

Maybe I feel it like magic or poetry. As a way of tuning my brain to a different wave. Of making some playful and beautiful.

For some years I learn Esperanto, but I don't communicate with it. I don't find myself in some speaking or writing clubs. But it is still fun to learn!

Are there any entry points for folks like me?

Basically, I still want to play a game that maybe doesn’t exist.
Maybe it is worth it to try to make some stuff up. Like a set of sketches, a comic, some mockups, or prototypes. Just to figure things out for me.

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"People from outside may not understand that Ukraine is not fighting for its statehood and independence but its existence. If Russia won, there would be no Ukrainian language, culture, education or self-governance. There will be nothing like Quebec or Wallonia".

— Ivan Verbytskyi

I've tried Bento and Ongaku by Giorgio Sancristoforo and like these software noise boxes a lot.

The second in a row online class my daughter takes is interrupted by an air raid alert

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