Slowly moving my sychronization out of Dropbox to Syncthing.
Also found that there is no diff for Windows but meld ( is.
Used it to comapre version of my .org files.
Being a writer is fun!

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Mykola boosted #LGM2020 : #binvox is a straight-forward program that reads a #3D model file, rasterizes it into a binary #3Dvoxel grid, and writes the resulting #voxel file #LGM

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I realised recently that the different publications, video and research from my 'wood wide web' project were a little scattered all over the internet, so I've created an archive page where to link everything together, to find everything a littler more easily:

(reposted because of a typo on the link!)

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Because I love the stylesheets on @sir websites and #Sourcehut, I decided to extract them from the source code, so everyone can use them in their websites! The CSS framework is called "devault css".

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I switched my laptop to Pop!_OS and it's wonderful overall.
But the thing that bothers me is it hardly recognizes my usb sticks.
So far I haven't got the right question to duck the answer I need.

After all, the toughest thing for writers is to get themselves writing.

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hey everyone, my PyCon 2020 tutorial session is now online: and contains, well, pretty much everything I know about phonetics, machine learning and meter/rhyme/sound symbolism in poetry. tutorial code and notebooks here:

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i just released the update to the Electric Zine Maker (a zine making art toy that lets you easily draw and print zines).
the update features new tools and some bug fixes.

i'm really proud of this one!

submitted an issue to github project for the first time.

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I don't get it. Can I have one yearly file with -journal?
Docs say definetely yes. But though my filetype is yearly, M-x org-journal-new-entry creates new file.
I've read readme several times, tried to customize, but it'still not there.

My mom explains the basics of contrast for children. She is a paniter, and her dayjob is a teacher in an school for kids.

I must admit, that for simple editing (crop, stitch, add title) Blender is more useful than Davinci Resolve (which runs out of memory at my computer for such tasks).
I will try to get better editing videos with using .

Christian Scott Quintet - Diaspora - 5/22/2017 - Paste Studios, New York, NY

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