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doing a friendship by writing you in as an antagonist in my story

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the concept of "reproductive labor" started making sense to me when someone described it to me as maintenance. the activities required to sustain things which already exist. capitalism both relies on and devalues reproductive labor. from this angle, unpaid housework and programmers doing unpaid work patching open source projects that thousands of for profit corporations rely on are essentially the same phenomenon

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you know what. ill just listen to spotify while i start work.

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Happy #Pride month, aka handwarmer season??

My current stock:
~ #Lesbian
~ #Bisexual (luxury, sparkly)
~ #Nonbinary
~ #Genderfluid
~ #Pansexual
~ #Intersex
~ Rainbow

Mostly £16 per pair plus P&P from the UK. Handmade by me, a nonbinary disabled person! Feel free to DM me. :)

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lol, there are people on my local nextdoor who are upset that the police aren't responding to their calls. So, they asked for alternatives. Someone gave them a "who to call instead of the police" list which lists resources including "Rose City Antifa", and now there are some soccer moms thanking them because "they actually answer their phones" 😆

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i wish i could stay up all night AND wake up early

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who's got two thumbs and has paws


*looks back and forth at paws, distressed*

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*Lives on a planet that's being destroyed by Profit Maximisers*
What if there was a Paperclip Maximiser, an artificial intelligence whose utility function valued maximizing the number of paperclips in the universe, and as a side-effect of pursuing this goal it would destroy us all.

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my friend who teaches kids, just schooled me on tentacles vs arms

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We wouldn't need to worry about tons of starlink satellites destroying the night sky if we had an actual government push to bring high speed internet to every home like we did with power back in the day

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PSA: Frantz Fanon is currently Philosopher of the Month at the Oxford University Press website.

12 journal papers and book chapters are free to read online or download: global.oup.com/academic/catego

#Fanon #Race #Colonialism

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I saw someone post an article recently here about common writing tics of people with ADHD, does anyone have that link perchance?

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developers: man it really seems like software has been going downhill for the last 15 years


developers: it just feels like there is no end to the bullshit


developers: why is everything so buggy and resource intensive


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Drakengard 3 is not a game I would recommend other people play but it does have some of the coolest musical transitions into boss themes ever. youtu.be/S_khZjAEdR4

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"#Cryptocurrency is one of the worst inventions of the 21st century. (...) It has failed to be a useful currency, invented a new class of internet abuse, further enriched the rich, wasted staggering amounts of electricity, hastened climate change, ruined hundreds of otherwise promising projects, provided a climate for hundreds of scams to flourish, created shortages and price hikes for consumer hardware, and injected perverse incentives into technology everywhere (...)"


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"Installation: we recommend that you use Docker."

what I'm supposed to see: "hey, it's a simple one-liner! Such clean install, much wow."

what I actually see: "we couldn't figure out how to install this thing on anything but our own machine, but hey, here is a well-compressed image of our entire disk, use this instead so that we can stop trying"

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as we talk about the morality of vaccine patents

i think it is a nice time to also remember historical precident

jonas salk did not patent the polio vaccine. he went out of his way to make sure it was not patented.

he never got rich. he actively made sure he didn't get rich off of it.

but that history is full of stories about how for the rest of his life, jonas salk did not have to ever pay for a beer in any bar in this country. he would get on airplanes and once somebody recognized his name, the entire damn plane would stand up and clap for him. he constantly had hotel rooms comped, meals for free at restaurants, thus and so.

because he was surrounded by people who knew he had saved their children from having to ever consider the fear of an iron lung, and were overwhelmingly grateful for it.

he was always modest and demure when recognized thusly. but i think that when people start saying "well why else would someone make a vaccine, if not to get paid for it and hold the patent", i think it is good to remember these stories. the world did not punish jonas salk for not patenting the polio vaccine. the world loved him for it. maybe not in the structures that billionaires are most used to. but they did love him for it, in small ways, in humble ways, on the individual level.

(ftr, it was a FOSSbro I upset by daring to suggest Microsoft has a broader userbase than Redhat)

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