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i would simply plant the seed and let worlds within worlds grow forever

anyone have any experience with APA106 addressable LEDs? i'm driving them using the timings in the datasheet and getting random flickering, i've checked the output using a logic analyzer and it looks clean & consistent so I'm not really sure what's going on. it works better with a different set of timings (copied from some random arduino library, i'm using a driver i wrote: is the datasheet incorrect or something?

thanks windows install that i literally only use for a DAW, appreciate it how you overwrite my bootloader every time there's an update

i need an oracle. i need an authoritative being, something with epistemic power beyond anything i believe in, so i can ask whether all of this is anything but a grave and irrevocable mistake. maybe the quiet, silent, complacent discomfort of my past was the best thing I'll ever know and this... period of the self as an abomination, an embodiment of a purgatorial and unfinished state, is my eternal consequence for believing things could be better. the worst part is not knowing.

this probably has something to do with the cursed udev rule i added to switch automatically to an external monitor when connected but i don't see it firing when this happens... it seems vaguely relevant and it's the only thing i've changed about my system configuration lately (as this has started happening only recently) but idk

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very cool how i now have a system instability issue where the hw cursor locks up like... i can move the actual mouse cursor (not the visualization thereof) and click on things but the rendering of the cursor on my screen remains in one place. it changes to match like, the context-specific pointer and buttons etc show hover animations, the cursor itself just gets stuck in more or less one place though occasionally afterwards it will shift seemingly randomly? and reboot fixes it temporarily


This way or no way
You know, I'll be free
Just like that bluebird

right, thanks, do let me know if it goes anywhere or says something particularly abhorrent online

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Some people needlessly make everything hard for themselves because they've never experienced anything being easy.

If you don't know what it feels like when changing your perspective makes everything just slide into place, then of course you won't consider stepping back to reassess your assumptions. You'll just keep grinding away at plugging more facts like epicycles into a system you never realized you could question, while every new thing you learn brings you farther from understanding. the saga continues

now to go be terminally depressed because i haven't managed to learn all of type theory in my first semester of undergrad

ah yes rustc i clearly have a fixed amount of memory per logical CPU, it is perfectly fine if you spawn 16 rustcs which each consume like 2GB, that will not exceed my 16GB of system memory...

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We need to believe that the possible is in fact possible, instead of the convenient fiction that it is impossible.

marketing email caption from aliexpress: "Live in style 😍"

contents of marketing email: small switching power supply modules, a diesel powered space heater, a bunch of random SBCs and devkits

these are things i might plausibly buy (aside from the diesel heater? what? do you use that indoors? it proclaims "for RV Motorhome Trailer Trucks Boats")

but given the subject line i think aliexpress might not be differentiating its multiple audiences super well.

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Hot Take, 2021, pep talk 

It irks me when people think that 2021 is somehow going to magically be a better year than 2020, rooting it on like some kind of sports team. That kind of wishful thinking is exactly the same kind that's behind "thoughts and prayers."

I'm not suggesting that 2021 is going to be the year our civilization falls (it's already fallen; we just haven't hit the ground yet). But, rooting for 2021 because Jan 1, 2021 00:00:00 is some magic threshold that makes everything better is just modern-day astrology.

If 2021 is going to be a better year, it'll be because of the hard work and dedication of so many. Are these people properly enabled and supported? Are you an enabler or an inhibitor? That will determine whether 2021 is better or not.

End the astrology. Measure, then manage.

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The nuclear family is probably the greatest enabler of child abuse, ever. Putting two people in complete control of another person (who is particularly vulnerable and has few legal rights) and then having no oversight for the whole arrangement is the absolute worst idea.

resetting my "days since i last had to do my best to figure out how to use a printer" counter to 0

installing cups

languishing in despair as the printer informs me "CONNECTING WLAN" for minutes on end without timing out

lp0 is on fire

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