why didn't i go to bed

tomorrow i'm going to be too tired to distract myself from the continual awareness of reality as a surrealist hellscape

oh good rustc is still broken, its 2 in the morning, and there are ants all over me

quality time

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Hi, I'm Matilde. Creative technologist, hacker. I made video games in the past; I now work as a software developer.

Fascinated by experiments in technological narrativisation + play; p2p and the way it can change our lives — specifically reimagining how computers slot into our lives; software as bodies.

Blog and make music with friends every now and then.

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time to do my absolute best to understand the behavior of a poorly documented complex system of which I have little understanding but need to fix so I don't have a complete nervous breakdown

i am unable to grapple with my relationship to my work, its personal importance, my tendency to seek distraction from it to avoid the pain of feeling burdened by the necessity to create beauty i know is feasible but is kept from me by almost mockingly trivial technical constraints, etc.

i must find an outlet for these things, a way to interrogate these ideas meaningfully else i will likely collapse in entirety from the emotional strain of an aspect of my identity (my research) being unfulfilled


aa a aaaa a aaa a a aaa

and this is from the simple example that's right at the part of the exponential curve before it goes far off into impossible-to-build-on-real-world-hardware territory

(apologies for google drive link, i tried a number of text bins and they truncated it .-.)

I need to sleep but ferris the crab is pacing around inside my head and asking about the obligation forest

Time to buy some riscv hardware to play around with and cope with the continual crushing existential dread of having my research that I basically live for be blocked on a compiler but that I understand the nature of but not how to fix

i can only distract myself from my research for so long, if i can't find a way to fix this blocking rustc bug i'm going to have a complete breakdown lol

nope this isn't the issue, even if i don't forget to start the event loop it's still totally nonfunctional

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i can make a single bluetooth connection using bluez to the device from my desktop but only if the device is not present in the list of bonded devices

if it is present in that list some sort of failure happens when negotiating authentication stuff

oh and qtbluetooth still doesn't work at all despite as far as i can tell making vaguely the same calls

where oh where are the bluez return/reason codes defined and why is my desktop immediately disconnecting from my bluetooth test hardware and reporting an authentication failed error to the gatt server/peripheral

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Ok, this is your daily reminder that when dealing with breaking news, literally all of the news that comes out during the event is probably wrong because nobody has actually managed to investigate it yet. Anything that is in the news is just guessing what has happened from Tweets and this problem is compounded if you can't actually read most of the Tweets because they are in a different language.

Honestly, I wouldn't follow the breaking news because there isn't anything that you can do to affect it and it probably isn't going to affect you if you aren't near the epicenter (and if it has affected you, you probably already know about it and don't need the internet or the media to give you the news)

Give it a few days and then find out what happened.

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@neauoire yeah. It wasn't really designed. It was just added to as the creators needed stuff. The result is a mess. It's a nightmare to parse. Combined with its popularity, I think it stuck the image in people's minds that all languages had to be this way, why bother trying to avoid it.

mfw I had blood drawn and the hospital did the wrong tests and now I have to go get more blood drawn so they can actually perform the screenings they were supposed to

oh and I pay for this

thanks america

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