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i would simply plant the seed and let worlds within worlds grow forever

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computer boys stop appropriating linear algebra

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hm yes it's time for the periodic experience of being acutely aware that my academic environment provides no support for anything that actually matters to me and is basically just burning my time ineffectually re-teaching things i've known for years while I fight to get the tiniest bit of free time to work on anything that will actually impact my ability to achieve the things i care about

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I'm #AntiUnivalenceCrew and I'm salty about how many things univalence make work nicer

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eugenics and spurious biology 

Those who mention “the perpetuation of our species” as something that must be safeguarded in and of itself are masquerading their fascist tendencies with a veneer of biological sophisms.

The perpetuation of our species is not a purpose of ours – it actually emerged as a consequence of our ability to reproduce, which is a trait favourited by natural selection.

Our species does not “want” to perpetuate, it just does it – and it does not have any teleological value.

i'm looking to buy an IBM X41 (thinkpad), the non-convertible model, i.e. not the X41T
i don't care if the screen or any logic board components are in working order, I just want a reasonably good-condition chassis without any housing components missing. feel free to boost/link if you know anyone who might have one

on further consideration i use like... three apps on my phone, so this shouldn't be too hard. i may well give this a try tomorrow

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i don't think i'll bother trying to reduce the amount of google in my mobile computing environment just because it would be an immense amount of work and i barely use my phone
it's rather frustrating that doing so would be so difficult, though

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Find pleasure and happiness where you can.

No one is coming to save you.

love when people expose "safe" interfaces that will segfault at the slightest provocation
just tell me that this stuff will blow up if i'm not careful and i'll pay attention to the implementation contracts
don't lie to me .-.

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@dualhammers it cheers me to no end, there's no friction, I can just dance. I don't need to look up any docs, there are no docs.

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re: caps 

@syntacticsugarglider @a_breakin_glass
gorl: how much you love me?
boy: much as Lisp...
gorl: ummhhuhmuhm yu'oure so mean! *dies*
boy: *goes to gorls grave*
(defparameter *gf-life-state*)
(setq *gf-life-state* nil)
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re: lukewarm programming take 

@djsundog yeah. i think i have a little story here that kind of extends that last discussion and connects to this

when i was really young--think, like, three to five years old or so--i always imagined i wanted to be a visual artist.

i had and continue to have no basic ability to illustrate natural things in the usual ways. i'm told that the ability to draw is, in everyone, a skill they had to develop through careful study. it just never was one that i've ever enough affinity towards that i figured i could actually pick it up.

now, later on, i learned that there are a whole bunch of ways to be visually expressive that don't really have anything to do with illustrative skill. how? i was like 16, doodling in a studygroup, and people around me saw what i'd done and discouraged me from throwing it out, like i was about to!

now what if we pushed kids hard into Drawing Careers from middle-school age and the Free Market dictated that the only arts are digital 3D and charcoal sketching


"There are doors that open by themselves
There are sliding doors
And there are secret doors
There are doors that lock
And doors that don't
There are doors that let you in
And out
But never open
But they are trapdoors
That you can't come back from"


what is the point of websites with tiny vestigial scrollbars that are far too small to actually be usable
they're bizarre
like, maybe one could suggest aesthetic value to making scrollbars so thin? but at that point one may as well remove them altogether, since manipulating them is essentially impossible. and most things I see that do this also have some sort of infinite scroll these days, making scrollbars really *entirely* useless, because they don't actually let you travel the full fold.

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F# talkin 

Expressive languages: they're good, folks!

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oh jeez i need to figure out how to fix my fan curve
rebooted into windows to do some work for uni (awful proprietary scientific computing software for Chem)
was compiling a kernel upgrade before i rebooted bc my laptop needs patches, it's missing hw support in mainline, and its vv warm
fans are like 10x as loud now that i've rebooted, it's probably severely throttling on linux, i have no idea how my power mgmt is set up but the drivers for this thing have like their own weird power states


Overwhelmed at your desk
Weeping for your parents
They are so proud of this
Shining in ambition
All alone, all alone, all alone

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the "androids are taking our jobs" sci-fi trope is honestly one of the darkest, because the entire point of automation is to make it so that nobody has to work anymore if they don't want to. In literally any non-oligarchical society, the automatically generated resources would be distributed and everyone would be happy.

the idea that a population would be so brainwashed that they want more work and less automation, instead of more automation and much more universal basic income, is so deeply and fundamentally disturbing, yet it's already happening

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