was just looking at options for p2p standards

i'm going to be using webrtc primarily but i wanted to see what the state of the art in other frameworks is
(so i can cannibalize their architecture)

came across SSB, look who is in the promotional screenshot of their proof-of-concept app

s q u i r c l e s

renderer abstraction now drawing these, wew

technically not squircles i guess because they're an approximation with cubic beziers

but they still look nice and have continuous curvature

"i am alive" in a fun little conlang i made today

colors are used to index a small alphabet

it's agglutinative and the root morphemes are verb-ish

this romanizes as: keo da'

squircles are tough

working on my renderer abstraction library, most 2d drawing targets only support cubic beziers and their subsets

so i have to approximate them with a series of curves or i won't be able to get accurate radiusing

all worth it for that sweet sweet continuous curvature


this is fairly derivative but I'm loving the ambience nonetheless

koto + tape hiss/warping is an exquisite texture


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