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A quick Google search shows that for many people, including journalists, "going down the rabbit hole" still means "coming to believe in dangerous, false, nonsense"


This is why it worries me that for some non-trivial fraction of the English-speaking online population, "going down the rabbit hole" now ALSO means "innocently learning some complex and previously unknown, yet true' set of facts"

I don't like that these two meanings are getting blurred. Don't like it at all.

like cold-boot attacks *are* a thing but they're a legitimate concern for... how many people?

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what the fuck is this new trend of mfgs claiming that their laptop ram is soldered in for "security reasons"

i guess i could vaguely understand that for storage but... it's non-volatile memory

maybe they're talking about the security of their profit margins


redesigned my personal website finally

not especially contentful but at least i feel like it's expressive

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Hate driven development

I hate computers so deeply that it drives me to write software in an attempt to fix this godawful fucking mess that we're in

What is a drop of rain, compared to the storm? What is a thought, compared to a mind? Our unity is full of wonder, which your tiny individualism cannot even conceive.

- The Many, System Shock 2

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infosec posting: masto CTF team (boosts +++) 

ok so, kind of a long shot i guess but! would anyone on this hecking webbed sight be interested in making a Masto CTF Team and doing like, conventional online CTFs and stuff

why do I have a 60hz hum in one ear of my *wireless* headphones when my laptop is connected to filtered power from a charger

isn't that an entirely digital process over bluetooth packet radio? how is this noise getting introduced? i can literally hear like a popping noise when i replug the power adapter as if i'm fiddling with an ungrounded line-in to an amplifier.

sony wh1000xm3 and 2017 mbp if there's some weird caveat to apple's bluetooth stack (wouldn't be surprised)

@neauoire @xj9 it literally lets you write code as if networks and containerization don't exist

everything is one giant computer

and this is necessary because the world isn't using one giant computer

but to allow the creation of arbitrary components that represent ideas in concrete form across a collective exocortex people need to be able to write code that takes in interactive structures presented by other code that's running *anywhere*

incl locally isolated in a container (important case)

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@neauoire @xj9 and down the line any and only those transports which implement your SendMediaTrack trait will be usable with arbitrarily nested data structures and interactive functions/trait objects/whatever you could otherwise express

crucially, **with no foresight from anyone involved in the creation of either the data or the new protocol trait**

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@neauoire @xj9 protocol is flexible in a really important way that I mentioned just a bit earlier: third parties can use their own traits and then implement those on transports and ofc any protocols that use those operations will be typechecked against transports that provide them

so for example if you want to do efficient media streaming you can create a like MediaTrack object

implement Unravel and Coalesce on it and make a new transport trait called like SendMediaTrack that takes in frames

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@neauoire @xj9 basically what I mean by this is that, for example, you can just... send a function over the network

you can send it as code using a vessel binary and the orchestrator

or you can just... pass a function or a struct containing functions over the network and it will automatically handle the communication required to allow them to be remotely called in a non-special cased way

it basically breaks things down into operations like... writing data, reading data, creating channels

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@neauoire @xj9 also FYI the readme is horrendously outdated

also the "protocol" is kinda misleading

it doesn't associate with a specific wire format or transport or anything like that

it's more of a way of allowing interactive data communication based on a certain set of like... incrementally implementable and third-party-extensible type level operations

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@neauoire @xj9 oh, it isn't a protocol!

it's #[protocol]

it's a Rust proc macro that you annotate an arbitrary user-defined type with

and it generates an isomorphism between that type and a wire representation

we realize the unstructured web has regressed ease-of-use and interoperability of software by about 30 years

the appropriate response to this is not fetishization of the past as perfect and the rejection of contemporary innovations

siloed overdesigned webapps with perverse incentives contrary to user will are not the vision of modernity we should believe in, clearly. however, flat-files and hyperlinks aren't our saviour. we need new formalisms

the web can be saved

so can we grow up please?

Finished this a couple weeks ago but didn't think to post it here


Serialization format that spatially outperforms industry standards (CBOR, MessagePack, etc.) by a substantial margin, is fully asynchronous, and works in embedded environments without a memory allocator.

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