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i would simply plant the seed and let worlds within worlds grow forever

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building the future is not a purely technical project, I don't even think it's a primarily technical project. it's a project of community and people, which is to say is inherently political. I think that word is a turn off to many programmers in the West who (due to Cold War era education I guess?) are effectively politically illiterate. and when you insist on being "apolitical" then all you can do is bolster the status quo. this is not how you make progress.

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@yaxu that’s a very different reading of Papert, especially Mindstorms.

My understanding of his perspective, at least at that time is more like:

- Computer culture, from programming/engineering, is broken (gatekeeping, very hard to learn, and anchored to specific notions of productivity). It also places the computer in society as a specific type of machine, losing sight of its more generalized potential.

- We need a new concept of computer culture, and not just one, but many computer cultures. It should be based on humanist principles and make it easy for build to conceptualize their own transitional objects—things that make the computer a companion for people’s thinking and creativity rather than strictly a tool.

- LOGO/Turtle was his attempt at something like that, specifically in the context of education since until then computers were very hard to teach, and teachers were not equipped or trained to teach them.

- He specifically says that this is just one example of another way to think about computers, culture, and human-computer relationships. It is not, and should not, be the only one.

I really like this perspective and find that it moves away from programming specific goals, and more towards how to imagine computers differently in society.

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"user friendly" is when you don't give the user any meaningful control over a system, hope this helps

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I've been struggling to cope with a devolving world, and the only tools I have to drive change, my voice and the amplifying power of the internet, will always be relentlessly overpowered by machine generated echo chambers
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i SWEAR it would have been easier
just fewer steps before the precipice and a surfeit of lines
to eat flesh gorge on words and lie to god in the temple in the split-plate blind
millions fine powder too much
i will die and KILL you before you to cut away your sickly fucking simplify
where you lost to trip stumble over
flowing burning wings
fall to dive slipstream porthole-peering into peace
but you CAN'T LET GO take a good look you fucking imbecile

where you read and saw and felt what it was like to a piece of crucial beauty essential love inarticulate SCREAMING the SHEER INARTISTRY of EVERY MOMENT was that not enough to STAY AWAY

i was a holy priest loved and coddled fed with light to disease but so soft and quiet and you THREW IT ALL AWAY

you wanted this

are you happy you selfish wishing-well child to woodgrain genii does your warp-world feed your special soul does it bleed enough to LOOK UP AT HER with tears in your eyes and feel beautiful

unbearably sad and you fell on his footprints
did we cut a dream or
was our (run away please god so quiet before so calm) alignment too fair for love
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loose change in a petri dish
to speak with salted lips
cold fingers trace lines in the white

were to be freed
unlatched stability and
warm blood on the tongue

wraps around ankles
fluttering gaze to wrap around
the pediment

to cast a stone

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all sick all diseased push fingers into seams peel back layers eat the burning heart
touch warm feel see split along axes split open and pour out
cut into love into flesh into seeing light where there wasn't light before and it holds you close

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"If people do not believe that mathematics is simple, it is only because they do not realize how complicated life is."

- John von Neumann

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i am looking at too much art at once right now and feeling an intense crisis like: what could i make that convinces me that it has a right to exist in a world that already has so intensely much of everything
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Don't go back to 'normal'. Western neoliberal 'normal' was physically, economically, emotionally, spiritually, ecologically, and socially self-destructive. You don't need to go back to consume or work in a bar, gym, club, office, restaurant, or anywhere else. It was all useless hyperconsumption and meaningless busywork. Let it die.

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it interfaces at a suppurating sore and shivers in the light
look! a friendly face in the leaves
the discarded mask of joy

the substrate is a sickness and the other vault beckons
firmament chained to itself
soft and green at the unwashed centre

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Friendly, joking, we-all-know-we’re-kidding style “light” bullying sucks. Sorry. It’s a shitty way to interact with friends. It’s hurting someone in the group more than you or they know.

I got a lot of that from my friends in high school, and I swore up and down I didn’t mind, but it fucked me up. It taught me that to be close to people I had to accept mistreatment and I am only really figuring out just how much that got in my head now that I’m almost 40.

Be nice to each other. Nice is good.

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From the Gemini FAQ

"There are benefits to the style as well. It encourages including only the most important or relevant links"

I really hope none of you bought into this way of thinking. A link that's unimportant to most of your readers, for a learner, can be a doorway into a new world. An abundance of links makes texts more accessible to newcomers and helps to index the web. Anything that discourages linking decreases the health of the network. You should NEVER be stingy with links.

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why i dislike democracy and how switzerland is a great case study on it's failings 

first of all, disclaimer: i'm anti-authoritarian, i want some form of anarchism, this thread does not advocate for authoritarianism and if anything shows how democracy is often authortitan.

quick intro: in switzerland we vote on most political decisions, and you can quite easily make your own referendums. we are probably the closest you can get to direct democracy (it's technically partially representative, but that's a detail). generally most swiss people have the feeling that they actively participate in political decisions, that their vote matters. this is not entirely untrue, however:

1. this feeling of participation manufactures consent. once something was decided, however slim it was, people will generally say 'WE' decided this, it's what the majority wanted, so be it. this makes questioning established political decisions HARD, people will simply dismiss your criticism by claiming WE all collectively wanted this, sometimes even for older referendums.

2. the power and money imbalances between capitalists / the establishment and working class people leads to campaigns leading up to votes generally being dominated by the more powerful side. they often use fear mongering and half truths in their campaigns making it hard to campaign against them, because you FIRST have to debunk the other (more powerful) sides claims.

3. a lot of decisions we have referendums on are laws created by parliaments being challenged by outside groups. uninformed voters will usually side with the parliament, assuming 'they probably do their job properly and good'

4. the general mindset that WE the people decide everything extends to the point where people will talk about parliamentary decisions as if they were collective decisions by US.

5. MAJORITY decisions cannot and never will respect any MINORITIES, per definition.

(direct) democracy creates an illusion of political participation, an illusion of consent and thus actually enables the government to much more easily pass laws against everyone's interests, with much less resistance.

it also further hinders actual change by telling people who stand up for their rights, protest, riot or just do their own thing to simply "participate in the proper process" instead and painting big movements as illegitimate.

how many sparks left
to where we cannot tread
were i to have been as bright

leave the body as a burnt offering
the soul as a burnt offering
the mind as a burnt offering
memory as a burnt offering
such that none remain

i will greet you on that far shore
where i may seek my respite
follow gently
mistake not, the light warns
as if rocks would embrace me

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being against the methodology is not the same as being against the sentiment

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Loki used to be a trickster god, but after the 2010s he realized that utmost sincerity was far more subversive.
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@AgathaSorceress something being really easy once internalized doesn't mean it's easy to learn or develop, though. i've experienced again and again, both in learning the work of others and trying to explain my own, that some of the simplest and most beautiful things are the hardest to really grasp, because you have to reject so much incidental complexity that we otherwise assume. boiling our preconceptions down to a minimal fundamental understanding of the essence of a structure can be tough

oh wow look izzy is resentful about the absolute state of cs education how novel

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