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i would simply plant the seed and let worlds within worlds grow forever

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weird how white people keep making sci fi stories that go "we made a sentient slave race and they're rising up against us, ain't that spooky and scary y'all?" sure there's no deeper meaning to this at all

"The several pieces making up that curious engine are so
framed and adapted, and are put into such a motion, that though the
numerous wheels, and other parts of it, move several ways, and that
without any thing either of knowledge or design; yet each part performs its part in order to the various ends, for which it was contrived,
as regularly and uniformly as if it knew and were concerned to do its
duty" - Boyle, on the orrery at Strasbourg

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means-of-means meta, survival 

A while back, I briefly talked about means-of-means-of-production, and then a few days ago I saw an elon musk meme along the same lines.

A machine that makes bread, or cars, is a means of production, and is as complex as it is.

A machine (or set of tools & environment) to make the machine that makes bread/cars is exponentially more complex, and it is this second form that monopolizes my headspace these days.

One such example of this cascading complexity is that any means of production requires a location over a duration of time to produce anything at all, as well as the raw material and human inputs, but the toolset for sustaining production (maintenance, upkeep & repairs, upgrades) is much simpler than the ones to create such an environment in the first place.

Means-of-means is the focus on tools, processes, and repeatability rather than the artisan or manufacturing level, and it overlaps with civil infrastructure engineering rather a lot.

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you ever think about how computers were revolutionary because the smaller and faster they got people could go "OMG!!! we no longer have to build custom hardware for this thing!! we can just build something with a CPU and reprogram it for new things!!!" and now when you buy something in a store it does everything to stop you from doing exactly that reconfiguration??

i would simply plant the seed and let worlds within worlds grow forever

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It's not just Other People that write legacy code. Your code is legacy code too.

i am consciously manipulating the computer
i am not one with it
i do not like this machine
i want my Nice Machine back

back on my dell latitude e6400 with missing display bezel, a core 2 duo, no battery or even rtc battery that literally can barely run chrome with like one tab at 60fps
and it's more useful
plus, if everything weren't a webbed site it would be basically all I need

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love how much work my iPad does to actively avoid being a real computer

love how for my first day of an intro academic writing class the prof assigned me a great bit of introductory anti-racist writing and then this garbage aggressively pseudo-pragmatist classical liberal take on why American education is actually broken because the people who want social mobility are fighting with the rich people who want Academic Standards or something

got whiplash going from the relative peace and sanity of the first one to pure brain worms

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like melissa said earlier there is a world of difference between how jews talk about anti zionism and how right wingers talk about judaism and if you cant tell the difference you need to educate yourself prontissimo

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time to shift my sleep schedule by ~3-4h in one night in an attempt to plot a trend line back toward some convincing imitation of general functional participation in society and fulfillment of obligations in a non-maladaptive way

even that will only get me like halfway to when i actually need to be waking up but it's a start i guess

the other option is to wake up like four hours later and go to classes before going to sleep but that's unfortunately unrealistic/unhealthy for other reasons .-.

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Weltschmerz denotes a deep sadness about the inadequacy or imperfection of the world.

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