Ultimately, mainframes and thin clients are going to win. And it will be tremendously bad for your freedom.


@sir it's so so so much worse than that, because when logging into a mainframe from a thin client you still had a fairly unified and composable environment: things were scriptable, most things were files, you could pipe stuff around

we now have like... a thin client that connects to a bunch of completely siloed and more or less useless services, which is categorically less powerful and incredibly uninteresting

@sir @syntacticsugarglider I very-much agree on the "incredibly uninteresting". Some people I know don't seem to understand how incredibly boring I find [new web tool/web-based game framework/service offered by cloud provider] in the context of personal computing.

@thor @sir computers have sort of always been boring machines, and only a few people have deigned to have pretensions that we can make them otherwise. we definitely can

@syntacticsugarglider @sir it's even worse than that because the 'modern' thin client is a browser ...

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