@zens keep watching, it's not a joke. There's a reason.

@cancel yeah i get that there’s a claim that there’s a smear of that nature (which i cannot find), which I wouldn’t have known about at all if this guy hadn’t mentioned it. regardless of how ridiculous the accusation is, the mocking tone is in extremely poor taste and is indistinguishable from a rape joke, so a warning is fair I think

@cancel it would be nice if advocates for causes that i believe in would take a course in public speaking to know not to do these things


@zens @cancel i tend to agree with what rossman has to say but he's *notably* abrasive. people are going to misrepresent his beliefs regardless of how he behaves, but it probably doesn't help

@syntacticsugarglider @cancel you’re righth of course if someone wants to hang you they’ll find rope somewhere, still, you don’t have to hand it to them

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