@neauoire was trying Noodle on iOS - drawing works but clicking in menu fails :(

wish there were a global github commit search by user sorted by date. would use it to see @neauoire "live" coding and push me to work more on my projects

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We did it! Removed Electron and all traces of NPM from Nasu, Dotgrid and Ronin.

What, a, day.

anyone played with github.com/anael-seghezzi/CToy - interactive C coding environment?

also just found out about github.com/dr-soft/miniaudio - single file library for audio playback/capture

@cancel QQ in ripcord it is possible to collapse thumbnails/previews ?

@cancel what is the best channel for ripcord feedback ?

@cancel trying Ripcord - logging via .har is pure genius :)

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having fun with old skool aps in windows93.net/

DOSBox, GB emulator, games, ...


small win,mac and linux Electron alternative (1.1MB)

@nolan any idea why GIFs are not working in Pinafore ? on the same instance the mastodon client works great


"I believe development builds should be virtually instant ... very large code bases may still take around a second to build. I consider that too long for a development workflow."

--- my thoughts exactly

😍 Bartosz’s article about gears. with fluid interactive examples


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