@nolan did Pinafore changed lately ? cannot access my instance anymore (just spinning loading around). did a logout/login - no changes.

create an animated girl with just math wonderfully explained by Inigo Quilez


anyone had any luck on making TCC work on macOS Big Sur ?

so much time wasted installing dependencies :arghh:

... just wanted to see something displayed on a inky what

feels good moment

created in Swift a simple WKWebView to show devdocs.io in separate app so I can quickly cmd+tab it. with a nice icon. and some injected JS to customize it to my liking. all in 42kB. 😁

playing with serenityos.org/

love the 1 second OS startup. also watching the implementation of different features on Youtube is quite relaxing.

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I spent a bit of time actually adding some content to this learning orca site.


I also added most of the examples from the repo & made some snippets runnable like you suggested @neauoire

like the Elektron pixel UI - time to do a demake and play with it in a web recreation.

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