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Had a great day wandering around London, sampling tea and talking about code with @tbd!

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Just ate ice-cream with @tbd, today has been fun so far. :D

reading through distill.pub - thorough explication mixed with interactive parts

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You all probably won’t be looking at your computer screens today, so I’m uploading this early.


From Japantown in Senni Francisco, congrats to the crew of Pino on their astronomical nautical success! You and this community you introduced me to are very re-markl-ble people.

Have tons of fun catching up with old friends (such as Tokyo), and good luck on your next endeavors!


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WebSaver 1.0

Turn any web page into a macOS screensaver. Written in Swift. Let me know what's broken. 😎


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Me and @tbd are meeting up in London on April 13th, if you're in the UK on that day it would be awesome to meet you!

meet @electret in London. waiting for his ambient gig 😁

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anyone from London/UK and up for meetup ?

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the smell of fresh bread always makes me feel good 😍

[tip] want to send an URL/text/phone numbers to mobile ?

add text at the end of this URL to generate a QR code – chart.apis.google.com/chart?ch

for phone numbers use tel://

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