new blog posts about Another World internals on

love the dedicated VM to implement things and how easy is to port on different platforms

enjoyed reading this about a hardware console with oscilloscope output and (S)NES controller support

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anyone in London up for a meetup this weekend ? cc @drisc ?

There are things I see that spark lots of ideas and good feelings, like :

* @neauoire Tracker HoraireViz - "everything is temporary, don't chase the ideal perfect one"
* Lorenzo foreword on "How to think when you Draw" - "little details hidden in a drawing hook the viewer"
* by @nolan - everything what you need in a mastodon client that is instant fast

what is yours ?

@nolan any tips on debugging why I cannot add instance to Pinafore on iPad ?

experimental (one article == one page) free magazine about programming (especially programming tricks!), hacking, security hacking, retro computers, modern computers, electronics, demoscene, and other similar topics

@JPEG Mast@watchOS6b6 stuck on spinning wheel

Mast@iOS13b6 - on Dusk theme is hard to read the text when clicking on Accout

running away from the heatwave (38 °C) ~ Bâlea Lake, Transfagarasan, Romania, 2034m altitude

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@rek i'd be lying if i said they're perfect, but there's *some* kind of progress from the first one at the top haha

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