[JS] want to increment a DOM node string ?



lost in a vast and fast searchable database of pre-1900 watercolours


Derek Sivers on daily journal routine.

I am juggling between oldskool notepad and digital wiki (that I still postpone to implement)


having fun with Docker in a web page.

reload and get a clean slate. fast and instant.

ping between tabs work 😋


💯 daily sketches for my kid milestone achieved ✅

is there a Town irc/discord/... chat for ping pong ideas without trashing mastodon timeline ?

@neauoire @magoz as @jakub said, a simple text list will do for start. and we will improve along the way as we use it.

join me at github.com/TBD/merveilles-libr

that moment when you have a great idea for a tool and see that @neauoire implemented it already. better.

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