Super excited to share Launchlet, my first open source project!

It's a javascript/css launcher that you can use as a bookmarklet, browser extension, or as a module in your own project.

The compose interface makes it easy to create your own. I used Svelte for the front-end programming and the almighty @remotestorage to save data in the browser and sync between devices – no database and works offline.

Not sure how people will react, hoping for the best 🙂

@rosano awesome ! love the remotestorage integration and that is made in Svelte.

reminds me of

bug? it doesnt include the page recipes even if I had checked in composer with paired extension

@tbd Wow I guess that's the most similar project I've encountered, never heard of it but I'll check it out for sure.

I haven't documented this yet but the extension can't access it directly (except for Firefox) - which site/browser are you on? There is a workaround but it requires extra code on the site.


@rosano tested in Firefox on

@tbd Maybe try it now [after making a change to any recipe]? Firefox was throwing an error because an array was empty

@rosano works now

maybe add "copy recipe" in the UI selector to have those cool recipes on all sites

also a discovery page with all the recipes (public ones) would help a lot for the newcomers

@tbd Can you explain what you mean by 'copy recipe'? I don't think I understood

@rosano if I go to I want to be able to copy the recipes in my store (eg copy to clipboard)

@tbd Ok, I think I understand. For that specific one it's basically just
return this.api.LCHCopyToClipboard(`${document.title} ${location.href}`);

But yes I will try to expose more.

@rosano would be nice to have a single file container for all recipe files (js css images) to be easier to share

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