software on phisical media that you can also install onto your device is good.

@urusan @veer66 Well there’s UTF-8 and there’s UTF-32. And then there’s UTF-16 as a middle ground, combining the disadvantages of both.

If you're screening your follow requests, it's probably not a good idea to reject or block someone just because their profile picture is empty.

There are many blind people on the Fediverse who don't use profile pictures. For example, the writer Robert Kingett at @blindscribe doesn't use one.

The most reliable way to screen accounts on here is just to read what they have posted, as this better reflects what kind of account they are.

#Fediverse #FollowRequest #FollowRequests

*makes a backup of everything I've worked on these past two years, source files and and binaries*


uxn screen device question 

i've never quite understood the "blend" bits in the screen device, maybe someone could help me.

i've got a 2bpp sprite that uses 3 colors: transparent, a border color, and an accent color. i want to be able to change the accent color while keeping everything else the same.

is there a pair of blend modes that will let me do that, or do i need to have 2 different sprites?

another big milestone: the ability to win a level.

not only does the game show how long it took you to beat the level, it uses the players position to calculate when in the frame the level was beat, giving a precision of 1/3000 of a second instead of 1/60

also added an etank module that refills your energy once when you run out.

question about uxntal syntax rationale 

what is the point of the single-quote syntax in uxntal, anyway? is it not entirely equivalent to the double-quote syntax except limited to length 1?

it would make more sense if it inserted a LIT instruction before the character (something that only makes sense for chars, not strings), but it doesn't.

i guess it helps prevent you from accidentally typing multiple chars instead of just one, but that seems too rare for an asm lang to try to prevent.

question, would it be appropriation if I named my cat after a word from the local indigenous language? the word I chose is also a word I was looking to use in my mother tongue, but I like the way the indigenous word sounds, and I also thought it would be a nice way to tie the cat to the land it lives on. as far as I understand, the word has no special meaning and is a common noun (is the word for moon lol)

I ask this to learn more, and am open to not using indigenous words as a name for my cat

youtube analytics somehow knows what app people clicked a link from.

because the Referer header somehow wasn't enough.

doing some more work on the game, got a decent equip menu working, as well as a custom font.

(begrudgingly uploaded some gameplay to youtube, mastodon wouldn't take it)


youtube used to have a button to upload videos right on the homepage, even in the app too.

now it's buried away behind a bunch of stuff, and there doesn't seem to be an easy way to upload from mobile.

it's been a long time since youtube dropped the slogan "broadcast yourself", and it shows.

doing some more work on the game, got a decent equip menu working, as well as a custom font.

(begrudgingly uploaded some gameplay to youtube, mastodon wouldn't take it)

the way i pronounce french: like spanish, but randomly omit some vowels

unsurprisingly, my french is extremely bad

(my spanish is mediocre at best, i know the alphabet, basic grammar, and not much else)

It sounds a bit silly, but these little guys are one of my favorite components. I like to put barrel jacks on my projects, but my AC->DC barrel jack plugs are 12 V, 8 V, 15 V, all random. But plop one of these guys in a project with a few capacitors and you get relatively clean 5 V or 3 V given whatever voltage you throw at it! And it's a switching regulator so you're not pissing out heat and wasting 50% of your energy like a linear regulator.

Sure if you're doing PCB fab putting your own power supply on the board is simple enough, but having a single component that you can plop on a breadboard or proto board is so convenient

Digital electronics be like:
* legendary chip design, begin of a new era
* millions of transistors
* obsolete within 5 years

Analog electronics be like:
* legendary chip design, begin of a new era
* 2 transistors, literally
* still one of the best chips ever invented in the industry 40 years later.

Real physics is hard. #electronics

one of my favorite character tropes:

the character that normally acts kinda dumb (usually comic relief) also happens to have a quite good understanding of some philosophy/movement.

it's a pretty good subversion of a stock character imo.

this is a joke 

> tested negative two days ago

you're going to test 2 days in the future, you mean?

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