been working on game for a few days now, there's still a lot to do but i'm pretty happy with what i've done so far.

* reliable collision system
* rle compressed level loading
* basic physics

still needs doing:
* add enemies and other non-player objects
* add a bunch of different tiles with different effects
* menuing
* failure
* more abilities for the player to use
* level design
* replace placeholder graphics
* speedrun timer
* other things i'm sure

@tebicat wow! the Rockman-style scene change is nice 👀

- a shorter way to `#10 SFT` is `DUP ADD`
- Instead of `#00 STH`, you can create it directly in the stash with `LITr 00`

@tebicat I'm not 100% sure but I think you start writing on the zero-page at |0c instead of |0000 🤔

@neauoire yeah. so far i haven't needed the extra space, and i wasn't sure if the assembler would yell at me for backtracking.

@neauoire the room transitions are what took most of the dev time so far. making something that works in all 4 directions despite the somewhat odd coordinate system i'm using wasn't easy, and could definitely be done more compactly, but i'm quite happy with how it looks.

and there's certainly a lot of room left for optimization, thought i've done a fair bit already.

@tebicat I'm excited to see you populate the rooms with little things to talk to.

@neauoire well, it's a speedrun-focused platformer, so i don't expect it to have too much dialogue.

@tebicat Oooh that smooth room scroll is verrry satisfying.

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