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we live on a farm in a forest. we create sound machines and open source ecosystems at we help build community at

that's the short version.

it's a new day. hello.

“The romantics were prompted to seek exotic subjects and to travel to far off places. They failed to realize that, though the transcendental must involve the strange and unfamiliar, not everything strange or unfamiliar is transcendental.”

― Mark Rothko

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From fantasy computers to fantasy gatherings

The #Lovebyte online demoparty inspired me to envision a fantasy metaplatform that would allow organizing virtual demoparties for virtual platforms, and lots more. #demoscene

*From fantasy computers to fantasy gatherings | viznut*

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the phoebes have returned!!

each year this stretch feels like friends returning after a long trip. there's a pair that lives outside my studio, their tail-flicking behavior is unmistakable and flight acrobatics entrancing.

also i just discovered that audubon has maps showing range redistribution based on climate change.

has anyone here quit the internet for a full year? a season?

(maybe it's just day two of spring sunshine, but the thought of vanishing until next snow is... compelling)

japanese timberframing. this detail of the sill plate with scribed posts resting on stones.

(we're building a deck, previously planned to do poured concrete footings... this approach with stones is deeply satisfying in comparison).

made kindling
by violently attacking a stack of pallets
with a crowbar
while thinking about

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(That said, I still find it INCREDIBLY difficult to get excited about money beyond it being a necessity today as a means of being able to exist so you can work on things that actually matter. The latter, I might add, does not equate in my book to “things that make money.”)


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also because i have referenced it a few times in conversation lately, this is still my favorite essay on internet culture i've ever read:

"I am all the more convinced that the hallucinatory freedom felt by social media users is precisely the hallucinatory freedom felt by consumers relishing in the prescribed choices offered in a shopping mall."

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respect and love to all of the good internet community moderators out there.

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For every NFT you bid on, I'm personally going to make your lava pool in hell 10º hotter.

diskmag. (!)

"a diskmag usually comes housed as an executable program file that will only run on a specific hardware platform. A diskmag tends to have an aesthetically appealing and custom graphical user interface (or even interfaces), background music and other features that take advantage of the hardware platform the diskmag was coded for."

the art/music crowd is discovering NFT.

how do we stop this.

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