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we live on a farm in a forest. we create sound machines and open source ecosystems at we help build community at

that's the short version.

it's a new day. hello.

walnut harvest time.

the last several years we've been getting walnuts direct from this extraordinary farm:

owned by two women since 1997, organic, dry farmed, and the most incredible flavor.

we buy in bulk and distribute among local friends and freezers.

(i selfishly hesitated to share this link... they do run out.)

@oppen ariane is absolutely sublime--- the handling of images and sound is just perfect. my dream is that some day all of my digital viewing could be so elegant.

you're achieving beautiful, appropriate minimalism. all substance, with style.


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eternal september.

looking for writing that goes beyond "code of conduct" (aka peace keeping) and more towards healthy community building.

getting a bunch of people together and saying "don't be jerks" doesn't make a strong or interesting community--- but the internet is in such a horrifying state that we've very much set the bar this low.

follow up: i didn't actually drink half the bottle, but still don't feel ok with the state of computers. i'll maybe elaborate later. or maybe just go outside.

on a positive note, we watched a phenomenal film: housekeeping (1987)

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simply trying to transfer some video
from my phone to my computer
without a fucking cloud service
should not make me need
to drink a half a bottle of tequila
to make me feel ok about
how far we've fallen

just had a transcendent session field recording in the woods which was somewhat interrupted by a predictable sudden fixation with designing a better field recorder.

certainly, i enjoy some elements of designing things--- but i wouldn't be sad if i didn't feel compelled to redesign things--- if more objects and tools in my life were simply elementally perfect for their task. a few that have won this distinction:

iron teapot, japanese knife, scythe

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@rotharius @neauoire Here's one good one, though, from earlier this year, about Catalina:

Big Sur locks down the system even further. I recommend not buying or using a Mac unless you're absolutely required to by your job. The platform has degraded slowly over the last 5 years, and rapidly over the last 2.

Apple has become an insatiable control freak and incompetent at the same time. Bugs galore, everything locked down. Bad combo.

"It is our very creativity, our extraordinary ability as a species to organize ourselves to solve problems collectively, that leads us into a trap from which there is no escaping. Complexity is 'insidious,' in Tainter’s words. 'It grows by small steps, each of which seems reasonable at the time.' And then the world starts to fall apart, and you wonder how you got there."

deeply recommend this read--- please ignore the title as it's fundamentally not about trump, but a winding beautiful synthesis ranging from early internet culture, illuminati, qanon, hunter s. thompson, gnosticism... and the point: a proper definition of fascism.

and the accompanying art is astonishing.

image from all hallows, considered putting it back on today

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Professional tip from one of the secret parts of my job I don't talk about: tools and culture have a cyclic, mutually reinforcing relationship. If the tool encourages or rewards bad behaviour, any amount of training that attempts to change that behaviour is wasted effort and will fail. You need to identify the cycle and break it at the tool first. Only then will the training encouraging better behaviour take.

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anyone have a cubesat that we can bounce data off of?

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