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we live on a farm in a forest. we create sound machines and open source ecosystems at we help build community at

that's the short version.

it's a new day. hello.

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Today is the 10000th day of Eternal September. I wrote something about social media and stuff, inspired by this and the recent events.

*Thoughts on the 10000th of September | viznut*

have you ever thought "dang that's an adorable bunch of bezier curves"

not sure how launch my deletion cult if i keep deleting my proclamations

tiny linux joys 

also in 2010 on macos this would've taken me 20 minutes of clicking:

for file in *.wav; do ffmpeg -i $file -ar 44100 -b:a 320k ${file%.*}.mp3; done

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tiny linux joys 

my dumb html website doesn't preview well with file:// so i needed a webserver, astonished to discover i could type

python -m http.server

and it'd serve the working folder. installed nothing, edited no config files.


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An unwelcome consequence of living in a world where everything is “easy” is that the only skill that matters is the ability to multitask.

At the extreme, we don’t actually do anything; we only arrange what will be done, which is a flimsy basis for a life.


ubuntu, camera via usb puts icon on desktop, but where the heck is the file path so i can actually use smart cli tools?

oh, it's here, i guess.

ln -s /run/user/1000/gvfs/gphoto2\:host\=04cb_USB_PTP_Camera_593535383032200713BDD020211F78/DCIM/100_FUJI ~/x100

i thought a design goal of linux was _not_ to obfuscate this sort of thing.

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don't trust data to be always available.

scrape it. now.

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snow falls. machine drawn one dimensional cellular atomata. one of thirty-something. 6" x 4"

just started, over six hours of mostly live music from the lines community:

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"If the reserve army of artists would stop applying for grants to do projects in centers for contemporary art and start building worlds, perhaps cultural sensibility and ecological sustainability can combine in an economy organized around freedom and care rather than production and consumption."

level 60 prank: hide some catfood kibble in the oven.

the mice did this to us today. bombed the house just before bread baking.

a decade's dust. witness the rise and fall, a civilization's worth of creative tools and machinery. the sediment of a lost heaven, universal shipwreck.

i finished a collection of music.

"When the unique is created, it also creates the creator.

The more finished goods become commodities, the fewer opportunities an individual has to generate new creation. The ability to mass-produce removes the opportunity for the great many to learn to produce at all. From such a thought, a future full of consumption-only hobbies might come as no surprise."

this article is gold. (maybe we can collectively quote the whole thing here on merv, lol)

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