we need a new word as an alternative to "prepper" --- which is associated with a flavor of extreme independence and often paired with conspiracy theory (ie hoarding silver), owning more guns than you can carry, and (frequently) lack of actual practice (ie stashing 500 lbs of flour without understanding it goes bad, or knowing how to really bake).

@tehn I've scratching my head with that one for a while myself.. I'd love a better word.

@neauoire @tehn "Resilient"? :) I know it's an adjective, but there are similar sounding words in English which are also nouns.

@karlicoss @tehn It would be something like Resiliers. It has a sort of mirror image to Reliers.

@neauoire @karlicoss @tehn

That's the one :D

Vinay and Lucas are good people. :D

I've been working from their maps for designing hardware. :D

@tehn I gave this another thought, and the expression “sjølberging”/“sjølberga” (self-provided) got well established in the 70s, and was and is associated with leftist spaces.

@worm_rodeo @tehn I like using this language because indicating that the two groups are related breaks down something of a false dichotomy made prevalent by contemporary political and social conditions.

You've got to admit its interesting that large swaths of people on both sides of the contemporary political landscape believe in or fantasize about collapse.

@vincent @worm_rodeo actually what i'm suggesting is that this was a preexisting way of life before the more recent increase in fantasizing.

and i agree sortof about the two groups: i'd suggest that neolib second homeowners fleeing the city have much in common with the doomers.

i propose renaming the third group.

@worm_rodeo @vincent @tehn red hot chili prepper with new song "500 lbs of white rice"

@tehn "community prepper"? Even just having a signal that the person isn't just focused on themselves feels positive.

@tehn yeah this is super interesting. Aside from the politics, I think one of the obvious downsides is that all these projects focus on some singular rupture that will completely transform the world. I think change will more likely be a slow degradation. One that will be harder to spot and there will be no obvious point at which one breaks from society and goes it alone.

@tehn Knowing that there is no event to prepare for, that what is going to happen has already begun changes the dynamic. If I was to begin building a more resilient life in the here and now it would look like finding people I shared affinity with and establishing networks of mutual aid that are not mediated by capitalistism. Sounds a lot like communisation.

@tehn Survivalist?
Also, better to stock wheat berries than flour :P

@tehn Blossomer

One who is preparing to help the world blossom again

@tehn Frugal?

At least my grandparents, when they were alive, and who had gone through the depression used the term frugal to mean more than simply penny pinching -- but wise consumption of resources, reusing resources, and knowing how to build or repair things back to working order all fit within their usage of the word.

@tehn yes please. Because it often paints leftists, anarchists, and indigenous "preppers" in negative light. When they're often trying to help people around them.

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