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I'm a web developer by trade. I tinker with and other electronics. I've been known to draw, paint, sew, cook, bake and take photographs. I'm currently trying to understand how modular synths work.

At my local maker space to take a class on how to use the metal lathe. Maybe one day soon I can make custom knobs for things.

And because my ideal documentation tool is as light as possible and requires very little energy to operate; is perfectly understandable and does the tasks I want it to do - nothing more; evolves with my needs; has no Javascript, no cookies, no trackers … I built it from scratch. Here is an article about it :)

@tendigits I know that feeling; it’s important to remember that while we should care about the state of the world and work to better it, we’re not obligated to feel bad for it.

Nor should we feel guilty for being happy in the midst of the world’s problems.

Lately I’ve been very lucky and happy on a personal level which is hard to reconcile with what seems like the global political/environmental world falling apart.

I'm quite impressed with this dithering tool. Lots of options, and very clear reporting of file size savings (or not).

As much as I've enjoyed learning to use Micro for code editing, I end up in a lot of SCSS and XML files where the syntax highlighting is all messed up, and it also crashes a lot.
I'm also not crazy about Atom/VS Code. Today I'm giving good 'ol BBEdit a try again. So far it's ok.

I wonder, sometimes, what the web would be like if it had a bit more time to bake in the universities before capitalism got its hands on it.
Example: would browsers have a standard way to offer site nav instead of each site solving that problem over a million times?

Users of Micro editor, who are on Mac:
Here's a quick action workflow to pop open files in Micro from Mac Finder. I'm using it through iTerm, but regular terminal works too.

With this installed, I can CTRL+Click any text file and choose "Micro" from the menu to open it up. It's a bit quicker than the Micro tree feature for large directories.

@neauoire the instructions for Nasu are very concise and well done. I went from "no idea" to "totally understand this UI" in 7 sentences.

Very early days. I've decided to not even wait until I've figured out the site content structure before posting it. I'll keep it raw and simple and fill it out along the way.

New avatar made with feels so much better and less like a "logo" phew.

Building my own static site generator for fun and contemplating forcing myself to do it without dependencies. Would mean writing my own Markdown parser and templating language, for which I have no clue how to do it yet. That means learning opportunity, right? Any good pointers?

It’s not new, but I think about the solar powered website build a lot. The optimizations there are great even if you’re not going solar all the way.

Hi Merveilles Town! I'm really, really happy to be here. I discovered the fediverse last year but not until now did I know there was an instance that lines up with so much of what I love and believe.

I'm a front end web dev, vegan of 7 years, ever-prototyping hobbyist game dev. I love FOSS, especially graphics apps. I learned about solarpunk through the fediverse and instantly loved the concept. My dream is to buy a piece of land and re-wild it.

Excited to get to know you all!

Switched to Firefox on my phone as my primary web browser and I’m finding it faster and better than default iOS Safari.

I didn’t mean this as an advertisement, but it might be in the grey area nearby. I’ll refrain from sharing GN updates here in the future just to be safe.👍🏼

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