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I'm a web developer by trade. I tinker with and other electronics. I've been known to draw, paint, sew, cook, bake and take photographs. I'm currently trying to understand how modular synths work.

I didn’t mean this as an advertisement, but it might be in the grey area nearby. I’ll refrain from sharing GN updates here in the future just to be safe.👍🏼

It feels right to finally opt out every single online social prison and just start on building a decentralized cyberspace. And do the same RL, building breathing spaces.

690 bytes? Nah. 609 bytes. Here’s a little post about Ara’s CSS:

My personal site is at it's absolute peak right now. I can only make it worse.

This looks extremely useful and, after a few minutes of playing around, seems to work exactly as described. It captures full web pages with all their dependencies to a single HTML file.

Big thank-you to @bkhl for introducing me to it.

I figure if I gain experience with more CLI type tools, I’ll get more out of the PineBook Pro that just arrived.

Using Micro as my day-job code editor today. Using via iTerm2 on Mac. I’m quickly finding The features I need, and it’s nice and zippy.

I'm collecting links to other people's exobrains/personal wikis! Please let me know if you know cool ones I haven't included!

Installing Elementary OS on virtualbox just to play around w/ it.

I'm realizing that when my PinebookPro finally arrives, an Elementary port may not be available yet.

Life is good. Two cups of coffee in and just a few more hours of work away from deploying my portfolio site! Next up: minimalist redesign of my music page. ☕ 💻

Here’s what footage coming in from the birdhouse looked like. It was fun to watch the whole process of nest making, eggs, hatchlings, and finally fledging. Took just a few weeks.

I’ve taken apart the webcam enabled Bluebird House. We are moving, and I wanted to leave a plain house for the new owners without all the tech.
The Latte Panda is quite powerful, so I’m considering how to best use it next.

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