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I'm a web developer by trade. I tinker with and other electronics. I've been known to draw, paint, sew, cook, bake and take photographs. I'm currently trying to understand how modular synths work.

Pixel Editor Nasu
Vector Editor Dotgrid
Model Editor Moogle
Livecoding IDE Orca
Flow-based IDE Noton


I just had a very vivid dream where I was smoking. I could feel the warm smoke entering my lungs and soothing my nerves. Also the anxiety, “I guess I’m hooked again” I thought in my dream.

I haven’t had a cigarette in 13 years.

Merveilles friendly:
On a boat ✅
Black and white ✅
Nice to animals (debatable) ✅
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Cat ✅

doot doot doot making a font.

my font editor is <20 lines of code because it can share most of the same code as the tile and portrait editors

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I have next week off from 𝔻𝕒𝕪 𝕛𝕠𝕓. As much as I enjoy the challenges and problem solving there, I’m looking forward to a week focusing away from capitalism and towards family, creativity and play.

The best part of making minestrone soup is the leftover wine. 🍷

Idea: a wiki system where every noun is auto linked to its own page. Maybe that’s already a thing?

What it’s like scrolling through Mastodon as a dog person.

Today was the first day I ever sent a specific musical note into my synth. I live coded it in via Orca 🙂
I have a lot to learn here, but hearing it work is pretty satisfying.

It took me weeks to figure out that the USB cord that came with my keyboard was just broken. I thought I was stuck w/ Bluetooth only and then yesterday it occurred to me to try another cable.

Saw two coyotes on our evening walk. They stopped and stared at us and our coyote-looking dog. Then they peacefully trotted into the woods. :maru:

Just had a continuation of a previous dream where I enter a sprawling multi room house shared with other people. We care for a bear that lives in the house as well. The bear finds me and gives me a look, which I know means they are hungry. The other people have been giving the bear biscuits only. I find a bag of bear kibble and fill a bowl for the grateful bear.

I'm looking for a livecoder who would be part of an under-represented demographic, for a well paying orca gig. If you know anyone who would be a good candidate? Hit me up :)


Hello! I have been making music for most of my life, and I'm deeply curious about the language of music (especially how it manages to make us feel).

Lately, I have given a lot of time to learning about computers and electronics. I started with a focus on DSP in embedded contexts, but I'm quickly growing a more wholistic appreciation of programming.

I'm excited to tune in to this community and to have a channel for projects, sounds, and half baked ideas. Thanks for having me!

What is this Gemini thing anyway, and why am I excited about it?


The average person lives about 75 years, of 52 weeks each, totaling 3,900 Saturdays which the average person has in their lifetime. 🎃

Today is my 1806th marble, here is the C89 code to find the current marble:

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