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I'm a web developer by trade. I tinker with and other electronics. I've been known to draw, paint, sew, cook, bake and take photographs. I'm currently trying to understand how modular synths work.

Getting closer visually. Made some accessibility and load time improvements.

I’m cleaning up my website before submitting for possible inclusion in the webring. There’s not that much to it, but I already dislike a number of my previous choices haha.

I thought keyboard navigation was a given, but apparently it's not by default in mac browsers.

I left Facebook long ago, deleted my account and I’ve had no regrets. I’ve held onto Instagram and Twitter for different reasons, but this weekend I removed the apps from my phone. A step towards closing those accounts.
Trying to be more selective and intentional about how I spend spare moments of time.
This is in no small part inspired by that article @grey posted earlier.

I realized that looking out an upper window down to the feeder below allows us to see the hummingbird’s iridescent back feathers.
I swear they look at us in a way that suggests high intelligence.

My dog can be aloof (like a cat really), but I love her anyway.

I got a recommendation for this book published in 2000. It’s a good overview of the basics if you’re new to this stuff, like me.

yeti shared this in IRC and holy moly!

Now I want to see a re-release of Willow

Feeling comfortable with the development workflow, but I'm not sure what kind of game to make. I've never made a game before.
I have some vague notions about some aspects of it. I think I need to draw ideas out before I start coding.

I am going to rename my cat to Zero Cool

Ok then, now I know what a "nine slice" is. This seems super useful.

The build tool and immediacy of Lua, makes starting to code for a lot of fun. Not to say that I know what I'm doing yet, but Panic has made coding for their device very accessible for novices, which is so nice.
Anyways, here's a bunch of random arcs.

Poolside FM 🌴 has a new iPhone app with a retro computing aesthetic and a bunch of fun UI details.
It’s obviously artificial-retro, and requires very modern hardware to run it, but it’s interesting to see it become so popular on design appeal alone.
The 8-bit style camera app included is a nice touch.

Starting to learn more about my synth. Just added this tiny dso so I can understand visually what’s going on with the sound waves.

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