I'm surprised to find that the default apps in KDE are just... great?! I like Kate editor, Konsole terminal, and even Dolphin file manger seems good.
I struggle a bit with the trackpad, but otherwise the Pinebook Pro is actually working as a (personal use) daily driver.

@curufuin so far, yes. But I’ve mostly just been editing text files.

@tendigits Yeah, a lot of the KDE tools are good but I've found grabbing the best parts from each DE better: Thunar (file manager), Deepin-Terminal / Alacritty, and VSCodium are my go to. VSCodium is electron so you many want something lighter weight though. I also really recomend deepin-screenshot (or deepin-screen-recorder depending on how recent your repos are). I also really like NCMPCPP+MPD for music, but that isn't for everyone. For documents I actually find myself working in Typora 1/2

@keno this is my first! I am a long time mac user, with a Win/PC period for a few years mixed in. C64 growing up.

@tendigits I see, II use macOS most of the time, too, but that’s why KDE often feels too Windows-y to me.

@keno yeah I don't have any unix UI to compare it to. Do you have a preferred environment?

@tendigits I actually enjoy Ubuntu’s implementation of Gnome and the DE in elementary OS. I guess an experimental and interesting to go is not to use any DE but only a WM and customize your environment. That’s a loooot of work, tho.

@keno Nice, I'll have to try this once I've graduated from the Pinebook Pro

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