I do like password store, but it's no fun having to re-figure-out how to maintain gpg settings.
I think I've got it 😅 finally

@tendigits why would you use GPG for encrypting something for yourself?

@cancel I really can't overstate the limits of my inexperience here. I like using pass to store my passwords, but it seems to be based on storing things with gpg. What would you recommend?

@tendigits Oh that 'pass' thing... the author of that kind of creeps me out, he tries to pass it off as some kind of standard thing.

PGP is not what you want. Public key crypto is meant for interaction with other people. Which is the exact opposite of what you want. You shouldn't have to make the encryption weaker and more complicated if you're the only person that is supposed to be handling the data anyway.

Also PGP is not in general:

@tendigits Don't use your terminal to handle keyboard input for secrets. It's bad. Don't use 'pass'. Use KeePassXC or 1Password or LastPass.

@tendigits If none of those work for you for some reason, make your own thing with libsodium or nacl using symmetric crypto, not public key crypto. Don't use PGP/GPG.

Don't use 'pass', it's not good and it's creepy that the author presents it to people like it's some kind of standardized reliable tool.

@tendigits buuuut that's just my opinion, I could be wrong!

@cancel that's very helpful. It makes a lot of sense in that I'm not trying to send my password files around. I'll explore these options - thank you!

@tendigits Oh also, 'pass' is still WAY better than no password manager and re-using passwords or making simple recombinations of the same base password :P

@tendigits so if you are motivated to use nothing instead of 'pass', just stick with 'pass' :P

@cancel oh for sure - and my memory is so bad, I'm definitely on board with a manager. Trying out KeePassXC now.

@tendigits Version 2.6 has some of my open source code in it, apparently :) (though I use 1Password, myself)

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