I'm just building my website out as I go, not waiting for it to be fully designed or thought out. I've got it self-hosted on a Raspberry Pi. I can write content on my laptop, commit the changes to git, and then run a little shell script "~/10d" that SSH's over the local network here to the server, pulls the updates and runs the build.
I'm happy with how this is turning out so far. I'm excited to build more code and content.

@tendigits hey I'm about to rewrite my website as well! I do tend to have a mentality of "everything needs to be perfectly organized and thought of before starting", but that usually leads to nowhere, I like your idea, build and figure it out as you go!

@awalvie 🙂 I figure, lets see how it goes. It can only get better!

@tendigits your site's design is pretty simple and minimal, I like it!

@awalvie thanks, I do want to keep it simple and minimal... but I'm hoping to improve the look/readability/structure. The thought is, layer in visual enhancements as they become apparent as content is built up.

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