@tendigits the link to the originals seems to be broken!
What a fantastic resource of old fantasy personalities

@tendigits I wonders what the licence to use could be, didn’t find a way on imgur to contact the poster (and I presume the clean up doer).

@GoblinQuester I’d have to imagine this qualifies as public domain but if you want to ask something of the person who made cleaned up versions, let me know and I can try to get contact info.

@tendigits I was thinking of using them as illustrations in a free little zine/publication/something and attribute the creator is a nice thing to do. And if the zine thing swells it could be associated with a small cost and then I should definitely check with them.
So only nebulous future thoughts only.

@GoblinQuester they asked that you "give a pack of new socks to a homeless person" which seems like a fair trade. :) If I hear back anything else that's actionable, I'll let you know but I think it's fine to proceed!

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