The moment when you consider giving open source graphics apps a shot.
(Sorry I don’t know source of image)


@levibeach I'm actually all set, but don't hesitate to share any replacement recommendations for anyone finding this thread later!

@tendigits I found the Affinity ( products to be a decent replacement for PhotoShop and Illustrator and are a one-time purchase. I still haven’t found a good replacement for AfterEffects though (maybe Apple Motion?). If anyone has recommendations for good Linux apps—I’m all ears. Inkscape is an alright replacement for Illustrator, but the interface is so ugly I almost never open it unless I absolutely have to. 😆

@levibeach @tendigits I've seen a few folks switch from Premier Pro and AE to Blender. The new "grease pencil" tools combined with the NLE and compositor aren't exactly the same as PP and AE but they might be interesting.

@levibeach @tendigits i use figma for illustrator-y tasks, for after effects i heard it's worth it to just learn nuke's node based system (i haven't done that yet)

@levibeach @tendigits I use Krita for a load of stuff, even editing photos. There's a really cool patch for Gimp called "Photo Gimp" that redoes to UI and stuff, would love to see something like that for inkscape!

@levibeach @tendigits

Seconding Affinity.

I've used Blender instead of After Effects before.

Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 and Adobe Illustrator CS6 both work with PlayOnLinux

you could try:

@levibeach @tendigits kdenlive is a good replacement for simple uses of Premiere or iMovie or whatever, the interface is a bit finicky on windows (I had to mess with the HiDPI compatibility mode settings to get it to not be huge) but it renders faster than any other video editor I've tried on any platform.
I also use Inkscape a lot. I like its interface better than Illustrator's, but I learned it first so I guess that makes sense. There are some things it can do and Illustrator can't do (AFAIK) like blend modes and patterns (at least I couldn't figure out how to do those in Illustrator)

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