If you met someone who had no idea what a computer is, and they asked you what tasks you do with it. What would you say?

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@tendigits it sucks your time and attention, really hard to stop using one once you got to know how to use one, but hell lot of fun too

@tendigits “This little box in my hand connects me to most of the rest of humanity. It can show me the knowledge shared by others and provides an easy way to exchange goods and services. It is also an artistic medium, through which I can share art with others or arrange to share art in person.

It is also a dangerous box. Just as humanity is capable of greed and avarice, so too are the things you can see and do on the box.

But, as long as you’re careful, you’ll find that most people are basically good and this device is truly a wonderful thing.

Be sure to keep it charged and pay the bill every month. Humanity has not yet figured out a free lunch.”

@tendigits I write code to make music. I need computers to hear it. I could write the code with pen and paper, but I would not be able to hear the music then. If I did it that way I could only write music that i could imagine. Computers let me audition the unimaginable. I use computers to bring structure and form to sound. Ultimately I use computers to keep myself busy because idle hands are the devil's playthings.

@tendigits Index data so I don't have to remember everything and it's easy to make backups of it.

@tendigits gathers info from people far away faster than a letter (which is awesome to compare things I want to double check or learn) and allows me to sort that information in every way I want, and not necessarily the way I'm given by others. This is mostly what I do tbh 🤔

@tendigits I would ask what else they know or rather what other tools they know. A computer might be just some symbolic representation of that.

@murilove that is a thoughtful answer for the scenario I presented. My hidden agenda though is understand what people use computers for - with the technology aspect removed. What kinds of tasks do you do with it?

@tendigits technology is kind of a spectrum right? Would you consider alphabet, numbers, agriculture, calendar, clocks, myths, etc, part of the technology you want to include or exclude when you say "without technology"?

@murilove another valid point! What I'm after is understanding how much of what we currently do with screen/keyboard/mouse UI could be offloaded to a kind of "appliance" that has a totally different human/tactile UI. So I'm trying to boil down what we do on computers. Ideally things like "send poems to a friend in another country" or "keep a tally of how many tomatoes I grow each year" but more general stuff is useful too.
What's less useful, but still truthful is "email" or "browse the web".

@tendigits I feel I am replying with questions and that may sound a bit rude or annoying, just want to clarify I think your questions are so pertinent that I want moaaarrr!!! haha

But answering your question, I learn a lot with computers. As an immigrant and remote worker it mediates a lot of my communication. I design and build things with computers. I express myself using it as a medium and sometimes as a theme.

@murilove not rude at all, I’m appreciative of this discourse. It’s helped clarify some of my thinking too.
Thanks for your response!

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