The AE starter kit comes with a power adapter and a few patch cables. The spring reverb was something I added on. Real springs!

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Let’s get started with this AE Modular (a thread)

Came with a couple postcards, one handwritten. 😊

Tomorrow I finally get a full day of play/create time. I’ll be fleshing out more of my website and plugging in this AE Modular synth for the first time. I’m new at this, so I’m grateful to have a physical interface to learn with.

I'm surprised to find that the default apps in KDE are just... great?! I like Kate editor, Konsole terminal, and even Dolphin file manger seems good.
I struggle a bit with the trackpad, but otherwise the Pinebook Pro is actually working as a (personal use) daily driver.

My first Linux computer is a Pinebook Pro. I've installed Manjaro KDE on it, and I'm starting to learn where various apps and features can be found.

The full set is complete. Now to give them out to neighbors to color in and decorate.

My neighborhood is having a social distancing art walk, where everyone is invited to hang art they make outside their home. For our street, I’m making giant bird line art for the neighbor kids to color and decorate as they please. These are local species. 8 more to go.

Illustration from 'Zen and the Art of the Macintosh - Discoveries on the Path to Computer Enlightenment', Michael Green, 1988

I've setup various servers for web dev and project purposes, but this @PINE64 Pinebook Pro will be my first attempt at using a Linux OS as a desktop. The etcher program gives me a few options. Any recommendations on where to start?

Ok all done. The craftsmanship is not very consistent from corner to corner, but it does the job. I think she likes it.

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The fabric is thick and with backing so I left open spots at the corners.

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Starting a very basic sewing project, a fabric covered dog bed. We’ll see how it turns out.

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