Users of Micro editor, who are on Mac:
Here's a quick action workflow to pop open files in Micro from Mac Finder. I'm using it through iTerm, but regular terminal works too.

With this installed, I can CTRL+Click any text file and choose "Micro" from the menu to open it up. It's a bit quicker than the Micro tree feature for large directories.

My personal site is at it's absolute peak right now. I can only make it worse.

Here’s what footage coming in from the birdhouse looked like. It was fun to watch the whole process of nest making, eggs, hatchlings, and finally fledging. Took just a few weeks.

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I’ve taken apart the webcam enabled Bluebird House. We are moving, and I wanted to leave a plain house for the new owners without all the tech.
The Latte Panda is quite powerful, so I’m considering how to best use it next.

Vivaldi browser "Capture Page" feature.. where have you been all my life? So much faster/better than browser plugins I've used over the years.

Trying to wrap up this re-implementation of the Geographic North website. I am very slow with side projects, but it's getting closer.

The scale of the boulders in Virgin Gorda is hard to capture. We’ve been on lite internet access, and eating vegetarian. The trick seems to be timing our grocery visits to when there are green veg in stock.

Learning about modular synthesis by watching YouTube user Modular Curiosity's videos and playing along in VCV Rack software.
Already I've got some weird sounds 😍

Quick design for a mug for my son, who is currently spending most of his time in Swarthmore college science center.

Getting started with "3D for Designers" course here in
First output:

Mast app for iOS can be easily themed in a Merveilles way. :merveilles:

New Geographic North release
Ilyas Ahmed, 'Behold Killers' (GN56)

Apple Music:

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