I'm quite impressed with this dithering tool. ditherit.com Lots of options, and very clear reporting of file size savings (or not).

@rostiger that's one of the best IMO. I had some issues with it at one point, but I can't remember what my beef was.

As much as I've enjoyed learning to use Micro for code editing, I end up in a lot of SCSS and XML files where the syntax highlighting is all messed up, and it also crashes a lot.
I'm also not crazy about Atom/VS Code. Today I'm giving good 'ol BBEdit a try again. So far it's ok.

I wonder, sometimes, what the web would be like if it had a bit more time to bake in the universities before capitalism got its hands on it.
Example: would browsers have a standard way to offer site nav instead of each site solving that problem over a million times?

Users of Micro editor, who are on Mac:
Here's a quick action workflow to pop open files in Micro from Mac Finder. I'm using it through iTerm, but regular terminal works too.

With this installed, I can CTRL+Click any text file and choose "Micro" from the menu to open it up. It's a bit quicker than the Micro tree feature for large directories.

@grey I think this is a really good point. I’ve certainly let a lot of potentially great creative energy get wasted waiting on “perfect” setups.

@neauoire the instructions for Nasu are very concise and well done. I went from "no idea" to "totally understand this UI" in 7 sentences. 100r.co/site/nasu.html

@luxpris a looong time ago I did some processing generated stuff. I put that on the site more as a placeholder for new stuff I have in mind to do soon.

Very early days. I've decided to not even wait until I've figured out the site content structure before posting it. I'll keep it raw and simple and fill it out along the way. tendigits.space/

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