@ice a long time ago I made my EBay handle “Markup Monkey” because I was into making webpages. Years later I realized I had made the worst username for someone trying to sell stuff on EBay 🙄

A balcony, an evening breeze, and a cup of tea. :triangle:

Ahead of people receiving their #PinebookPro's the Wiki release page has been refreshed with most notable releases:


@neauoire very cool. Now I’m curious about the rest of the book as well.

@vega Oh cool, I'll be interested to see 3rd party modules, I have 6 empty areas available currently. Also thanks for telling me about the fabric/foam that'll be interesting to play with.

The AE starter kit comes with a power adapter and a few patch cables. The spring reverb was something I added on. Real springs!

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Let’s get started with this AE Modular (a thread)

Came with a couple postcards, one handwritten. 😊

Tomorrow I finally get a full day of play/create time. I’ll be fleshing out more of my website and plugging in this AE Modular synth for the first time. I’m new at this, so I’m grateful to have a physical interface to learn with.

@grey that makes a lot of sense, cleaning and organizing our digital spaces should be like doing the same in our physical spaces. The nice thing is, you don’t have to worry about space as much and throwing things away...as long as you can find stuff!

@kitsunelli what a great workshop! And yeah, going full circle back to digital would be such an interesting way to work. Like the next evolution beyond tablet pens and the like.

Idea: letters blocks that can be arranged in a rectangle, as you would for a letterpress, but instead, you press a button and a web page is generated. Still thinking about physical/digital divide today.

@grey my strategy has been to get new (larger) hard drives every 3-5 years and dump the contents of older drives into it. It keeps the data accessible, but not organized. So I’m interested in any responses to your question too.

@s_ol there’s a lot to absorb here, thanks for sharing

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