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After months of waiting, my first modular synth (also first instrument of any kind) arrived. It’s an AE Modular, which packs a lot of functionality for the price. Another learning journey begins.

Today I learned that the New Zealand postal system sends physical ping packets to test their network.

I received a "tracked letter" which says "we send 2,500 of these letters every week to random addresses all around New Zealand to help us check the performance of our network."

I am the lucky winner of a functioning national postal system, which considering the alternative in other countries, makes me feel pretty darn lucky.

Privacy isn't built out of promises. It's built out of math.

I'm planning (like a lot of Merveille-ites) to remove all personal repos from github. That's been on my back-burner since the MS acquisition.

I have some static IP addresses from my ISP, and I like the idea of self-hosting (I've self hosted websites this way in the past). But services like and Vercel are so immediate and convenient. I need to sort out what (if anything) is worth the hassle of server setup/config for self hosting.

I hope to use this as my daily driver for personal projects. Certainly I could see using it for coding. I'm not sure how well drawing apps will work, but we'll see.

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My first Linux computer is a Pinebook Pro. I've installed Manjaro KDE on it, and I'm starting to learn where various apps and features can be found.

@neauoire If you want to push all the old changes as well, you can add a new git remote with the url '<repo-name>' and then push to the remote name. It will create a new repo and import all the old log.

The full set is complete. Now to give them out to neighbors to color in and decorate.

Well, I can't seem to get the emmc installer to see the emmc drive. Maybe an older point version will work.

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My neighborhood is having a social distancing art walk, where everyone is invited to hang art they make outside their home. For our street, I’m making giant bird line art for the neighbor kids to color and decorate as they please. These are local species. 8 more to go.

Illustration from 'Zen and the Art of the Macintosh - Discoveries on the Path to Computer Enlightenment', Michael Green, 1988

Pine64 blog: "Manjaro currently offers a KDE, XFCE and i3 variant of their OS image for the Pinebook Pro, each of which provides a highly tailored experience. These builds feature a cutting edge Linux kernel ... which supports all key Pinebook Pro functionality .... Out of the three, KDE version is arguably the most end-user friendly and polished, not in the least because Plasma makes use of the Panfrost open source GPU driver for desktop and application acceleration"

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I've setup various servers for web dev and project purposes, but this @PINE64 Pinebook Pro will be my first attempt at using a Linux OS as a desktop. The etcher program gives me a few options. Any recommendations on where to start?

Of course Flickr is a service like any other, but I'm pleased with it being owned by smugmug now (rather than a monolithic advertising company). Also I'll be saving basic file backups locally via Monument.

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With this new flow, any additional sharing is just extra, and I should be leaving a trail of better organized and high quality images to reference/use in the future.

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In preparing our yearly photo book, I've realized that my photo workflow is less than ideal. I've slowly migrated to leaning on Apple iCloud and Instagram which creates a bunch of needless lock-in.
To fix this, I've closed my iCloud photo sync and I've swapped out the default camera app for Halide. I'll try to remember to use Flickr as my primary storage/organizing service.

Ok all done. The craftsmanship is not very consistent from corner to corner, but it does the job. I think she likes it.

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The fabric is thick and with backing so I left open spots at the corners.

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