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This is a new thing I'm working on for writing documentation for Pico-8! It will be a custom markdown parsed into html eventually, for now, the Night Mode is the part I love. Thanks goes to yal from for letting me mod some of his work.

Hey everyone! I've had a lot going on lately, car accidents and boring things like that. A full size Coca Cola brand semi backed up into my fiancees car because he got stuck under a bridge and she got her neck all messed up, but she'll be okay soon no doubt. The area we live in has a very low train overpass, and about 8 signs leading up to the overpass letting the truckers know to stop and go back. They never do! :( How's everyone doing though?
@neauoire @dualhammers @chronodave

I'm a communication & multimedia design student from The Netherlands. I like creating things.

You can find some of my stuff here:

Currently working on my portfolio / website, so hopefully I'll be able to show more projects in the near future!

Thank you @thelibrarian for inviting me, and @neauoire for accepting me :)

This is a new thing I'm working on for writing documentation for Pico-8! It will be a custom markdown parsed into html eventually, for now, the Night Mode is the part I love. Thanks goes to yal from for letting me mod some of his work.

@thelibrarian @neauoire Fun fact when I created my account I was so stressed to not be accepted I wrote almost a full article about everything I loved and how I related to merveilles.

Then I hit send and discovered the message was limited to 300 or so characters. :ouroboros:

@thelibrarian oh yes, just tell them to create an account, I'll accept it :)

Hey @neauoire , I met someone recently that I thought would really belong in Merveilles. I know I spoke with you personally when i came into the fold, but the github mentions it being invite only. Does that mean that members can invite others, or no?

My site, was somehow compromised and thus is now just a blank index.html saying as much. Since it's meant to be a repository for learning about/proliferating unique aspects of coding - does anyone have some suggestions on where I should start over? Frameworks, recommendations - whatever! @neauoire @nihiltarian @whtrbt @jere @cblgh

Hello everyone! Hope the town is doing well and for a time still to come. That said - I've got a looming feeling that there's danger afoot in , and I shall bring the injustice to light. (Mice are not un-just-misunderstood. - *Written on a note found near a cheese crumb simply to dastardly to come close to, for it reeked of the dust gremlin's.

I've been filling in my world over on Worldanvil after spending years on notebooks. They are taking up too much space - so I'm in a mood.

@thelibrarian Hey! It's really nice to read that! I wish you the best for the recovery and I'm still up if you wanna vent / talk about anything

I send you another big hug!

You will see me back again. I needed to retreat and I just didn't want to lie or make up excuses. I was scared, and needed to let you all know that I'm not abandoning you. I'm feeling much more myself after realzing that I wont' die within a year or something like that.

I'd like to make something out of this experience and find a way to create something that really expresses the genuine existential horror I felt during the ordeal. I'd like help too. If anyone wants to, please lets get to work

@nihiltarian @tomupom @jere @setphen @grafofilia @cblgh @xul @neauoire

Everyone, I only now have seen your offers for help as I needed some time. It turns out that what was thought to be cancer is not, and that's good. It's a complicated matter - though I shouldn't die soon or from this event as long as I am treated.

I've only coped w/ death in solitude, & felt vulnerable. A group of people I know only in spirit and mutual respect. You proved me wrong and I am grateful to be here with you.

cabal://14bc77d788fdaf07b89b28e9d276e47f2e44011f4adb981921056e1b3b40e99e Join us! @cblgh I want to talk with you about how awesome this thing is! All the others too now! @neauoire @ckipp @Merristasis @eel @jrc03c @nullself

I know I had been around only a short while before I disappeared for a few weeks. I don't want to say whats going on I guess. Maybe some will think I'm seeking pity and the truth is I'm just afraid. I'm so fucking scared and I'm 30 and isn't this when grown ups are supposed to say something? A few years ago I asked my grandpa when he truly grew up. Aged 72 at the time, he sipped his coffee and said..."I didn't." I don't want to know the truth, anymore. I'm scared. I'm not ready to die. Cancer.

I broke up with a guy I was dating from work on Friday and he got fired today (unrelated things). Still, I feel guilty and... bad?

Working on a submission for the GBStudio&MiniJam30 .

Started today - due tomorrow, but I wanted to share the software as it's really cool and actually makes hardware playable gameboy games in a very easy to use interface. Though, I did make the palette you use as an extension for Aseprite, it's the only thing on the website right now!

Use the extension if you do or are a !


@thelibrarian @neauoire basically, if you make something that can work without a server (standalone index.html that loads and presents local content) you have made something that can work in the p2p web is my example of that idea

I'm having some issues, like it says others are there, but no one responds. @eel

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