My oldest friend passed away last week. We are both from a small town in Long Island New York, where his family still lives. He died in Florida at his grandparents, however, and thus his body is stuck in Florida. They are having a "funeral" tomorrow, and a campaign to get his body returned to New York is almost fully funded. If you have the ability, please donate a few dollars to help get him returned. Thank you for listening!


I don't know if we have something like this, but it'd be cool if everyone shared some songs on a hash tag like or something.

Here's something for it.

I'd like a partner for a Pico-8 project. Would anyone want to help out? More than anything, I need a competent pixel artist!

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@thelibrarian I don't really care to learn frameworks of markdown or any of that stuff because by the time I learn one thing, everyone has moved onto the next fad but ultimately websites are still just html, so I write that directly, saves me a ton of time..

Thanks, @neauoire .

I admire you telling me that your site is so simple, because others have made me feel stupid because its simple. My site is simple because I spend too much time trying to learn other things, so I will try this on a basic level.

So, you don't feel "inferior" knowing that the site is organized that way? Because that has always been my instinct since jump street, but others have steered me into endless frameworks and add-ons and libraries and I just don't want any of that. I want to be able to write in markdown, and write or find a parser which imparts the proper html, and that's that. Essentially

Anybody working on the ? I got started late and am only starting day 1 now. But I'll be hosting mine on REPL, and posting links to solutions.

If not familiar, here's the link:

You do a couple code challenges a day in any language, and it's great fun!

Does anyone have an invite code for ? Ive been seeking a privacy conscious email account for communication. Can anyone help?

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@thelibrarian everything you see here is googled and thoroughly trial and errorred. :D But it's sooo satisfying!

I look forward to seeing what you make!

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Has anyone watched the Social Dilemma on Netflix? It's got many high level social media employees, telling you what their companies do with users data. To most people on Mastodon, this is well-known already; most users are likely conscious about their data just by virtue of being here already.

Still, how do you get, say, your girlfriend, or daughter, who are just average Americans not inside a programmers bubble, to give a shit about their privacy?

I don't want to be the lecturing dad... 〽️

I have the majority written in markdown, but it's my first technical book so I don't know how to design this thing in a way that it can be translated into pdf, epub, print, html, what have you.

Ive looked into magicbook and mdbook, I've used scrivener for planning, github for wiki, and I just can't do it in word. It's not conducive to code.

Any suggestions would be great. People are wanting it and suggesting I start a kickstarter but I can until I'm confident in the presentation.

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I'm writing a technical book for and I Am aiming to make it as close to a holy text as possible. All you could ever need for reference, and many games that are built from scratch. A chapter on history of fantasy consoles and a comprehensive, robust series of modules that can be used in any project. I've been at it for a year but its in so many pieces that I need to find a platform or style to begin compiling it all.

What should I write it in?

My favorite song on the album is Laser Life, and if I ever made a movie, this would be the opening song.

If I had to recommend one song on the album for you to listen to though, it's track 4, Camouflage, Camouflage. The lyrics are pure chaotic poetry, and especially during the vocal solo, are guaranteed to induce some chills.

In case you are wondering, both singers are male, a fact I didn't know for the first few months I knew of their music.

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Share the album that you identify most personally with. To be honest with you, this is difficult for me to do - as I have this feeling of ownership over it because of how much it means to me, and how few people have ever liked the songs on it that I've shared with them.

The Blood Brothers are the reason I fell in love with hardcore, and heavily inspired my own music at the time. I saw them perform on their final tour at the Black Cat in DC, and it was perfect.

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Know that if something happens to us at sea, that we have left this world without regrets, we had had the opportunity of being surrounded with amazing and kind people, that we've had the incredible chance of seeing more than we had ever hoped, and that we wish that our death will not discourage anyone to take on such an adventure for it's not about the length of life but how it is spent.

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A week on from my first mushroom experience I'm still feeling good.

I even have felt urges to do things proactively which has not happened in a long time. It never even really happened when I was on SSRIs.

I think that I will write about the experience at length in the near future.

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Youtube Studio: "You can now start monetizing your CIVID-19 content, read more."


Any or people in town should check out and bookmark my new and improved Pico-8 API!

I'm still fixing it up, but you can read the short blog post I made at the BBS,

Thanks all!

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