@neauoire Hey, is there a way I'm not seeing to change the handle of my account? I found the part that allows you to forward everything to another one, but I don't have another one - I just want to change my handle from thelibrarian to iiviigames.

Is this possible?

@neauoire PS - Ive been doing wedding stuff, but I'm going to complete the challenge. Dont worry.

@neauoire @somnius After an embarrassing number of attempts, I've fianlly made it onto the webring!


I've had a long weekend, and this is the thing I needed right now. I am proud to be a part of a group of the most talented people on the internet, and I have imposter syndrome majorly, but I am so happy to be in the ring now.

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New work, for the html review (thehtml.review);

Anonymous Animal is a 15 minute durational browser poem that runs every hour, on the hour.

Ask a friend to meet you there at :00 to take a walk together.


Here's some links to the two programs.



If you think there's something else there that would be better to wind up in a career in games, let me know. I would also love to write about games, as a journalist. Basically, anything!

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So, I just found out I got about 10 grand to go back to school again, and I'm really excited. I'd like to know what degree programs you think I should pursue to eventually get a career in the industry.

I've been a on my own for years, but that little piece of paper makes a world of difference. I'll be flying through the associates degree in 3 semesters, and then I get to transfer to a better school with specific paths.

I've got , and .

The Piconomicon just got a mailing list, and if you want to be part of the Ancient Order of Pixelmancy - please sign up. :)


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I've been looking forward to implementing the knuckle sandwich enemy and now I think it's all done? The signs it seeks out and destroys could definitely use an animation when it breaks though. Now I get to look forward to making puzzles with this enemy...
#gamedev #snesdev

I need some help/recommendations. I recently posted about the book I've been working on (The Piconomicon) over at dev.to/iiviigames/the-piconomi , as well as the Pico-8 subreddit.

People are overwhelmingly interested, and some have asked for a mailing list to be notified when it's released. Is there a reputable service that I can create a mailing list for something like this? I'm just a small game dev and not looking to spam people!


The Piconomicon this way comes. All 's out there please take a look, because this is something I've been pouring my heart and soul into. It's a full book on the Pico-8 fantasy console.


That's got a bunch of useful info, but not what I was looking for.

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I have a question for all you 3d artists out there. I'm learning Blender, and the guy is like "Red arrow is horizontal or x axis, blue is vertical or y axis, and green is y axis". But he doesn't name the axis itself.


Are there any violinists or cellists out there that want to be a part of a FF7 tribute medley? My friend and I are trying to put one together!

@neauoire Did you guys see Orca mentioned in this video about esoteric programming languages? It starts at around 9:30 in the video.


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