@ckipp 's gyul is a great start and that would be the most applicable working example I can think of. I just need to know where to begin. I don't want to copy the work, but try to do something inspired by its minimalist design on my own, with a lot of Borgesian flair in there. @neauoire @jrc03c

@thelibrarian @ckipp @jrc03c Well it sounds like you're going after P2P web, so in that case I would suggest forgetting about python, and ruby and all that site building stuff.

Now, yes, you should make yourself a parser. Once you have that data, you make yourself a router, that will take the url query, and locate it in the parsed data.

Once you have connected query, with data, just display it in a nice day.

This is the flow of my wiki, maybe it can inspire you.

@neauoire @ckipp @jrc03c You are more like an Acropolis of the community than a single pillar. I'm proud to be here. Thanks homie.

@thelibrarian @ckipp @jrc03c Well, this is not just me, this was advised from what other people in this community did :) Let me know if you have any question.

@thelibrarian @neauoire @jrc03c I'll echo almost everything @neauoire said as that is sort of how I started. I already had my data, and then decided how I wanted to parse that data and simply display it. Much of the design of gyul, even though it ended up different, was based off of how Oscean works.

@thelibrarian @neauoire @jrc03c my only other piece of advice would be don't get caught in analysis paralysis. It will be _your_ tool, so you're free to change things as you please if they don't work the way you want them to. That's part of the fun!

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