cabal://14bc77d788fdaf07b89b28e9d276e47f2e44011f4adb981921056e1b3b40e99e Join us! @cblgh I want to talk with you about how awesome this thing is! All the others too now! @neauoire @ckipp @Merristasis @eel @jrc03c @nullself

@cblgh it there some FAQ somewhere about diagnosing this kind of p2p connection issues?

@eel @cblgh I am seeding this one now, so it should stay. Also, Here's another video with something else useful

@eel type this exactly:

cabal --key cabal://b5712bb679bc900ab36a331f72c743863e6f9ca65fd70d9191ab69cabe6ebed7

Then, type:

/nick Eel


/join MeetAndGreet

@thelibrarian @cblgh this dont seem right. pretty sure there are no users called "ready", "get", "getAll", or "events"

@eel @cblgh I noticed this too, however, they don't seem to expose any important parts of the code which is a good thing. There's probably just something there in the debugging code if I had to guess.

@thelibrarian @eel fwiw the public cabal is now cabal://0201400f1aa2e3076a3f17f4521b2cc41e258c446cdaa44742afe6e1b9fd5f82 :)

@cblgh @eel I've been absent for a week or so, but I'll be trying this out today!

@eel @thelibrarian no sorry, we're really lacking in that front q.q

i guess you could use dat doctor, but they don't support hypercores so you would have to find a dat to diagnose against...

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