I know I had been around only a short while before I disappeared for a few weeks. I don't want to say whats going on I guess. Maybe some will think I'm seeking pity and the truth is I'm just afraid. I'm so fucking scared and I'm 30 and isn't this when grown ups are supposed to say something? A few years ago I asked my grandpa when he truly grew up. Aged 72 at the time, he sipped his coffee and said..."I didn't." I don't want to know the truth, anymore. I'm scared. I'm not ready to die. Cancer.

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@thelibrarian Hey! I send you a big hug. I'm here if you wanna vent.

@thelibrarian here for ya if you need someone to talk to ☺️

@thelibrarian This is a horrible messate. But hold tight, I wish you the best! We're here for you.

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