My site, was somehow compromised and thus is now just a blank index.html saying as much. Since it's meant to be a repository for learning about/proliferating unique aspects of coding - does anyone have some suggestions on where I should start over? Frameworks, recommendations - whatever! @neauoire @nihiltarian @whtrbt @jere @cblgh

@dym There was - but I didn't like where it was at all. I wanted to redo it as it was. I need to organize a lot of data.

@neauoire @dym It is varied and non-conformed to any single type currently. A lot of it is in simple text, a lot in markdown, some in html, very little in json. Mostly it is in folders/subfolders divided into categories by language or use case. Some of it is annotated code written in the language itself, all information simply in multiline comments.

@neauoire @dym I've experiemented with an offline wiki through tiddlywiki.

@thelibrarian @dym If you have a lot of content in plain text files, you should just make a simple way to browse this data. I don't have a framework in mind to do that, but you could just build a simple text file reader in JS that allows you to navigate and use this data.

If you organize your plain text in indental, you can aggregate your wiki with other people on the webring.

@neauoire @dym Not sure how I missed the webring. I'll consider this - thank you very much!

you probably just forgot x)

@neauoire do you think (current) wiki is the best way to display source code?

@dym @neauoire I don't have any reason to have that forked, and I'm going to remove it. How strange. I don't recall that at all.

@dym what do you mean display source code? Is there entries that display code blocks?

@neauoire no;
also putting code blocks in 1-line entries of .ndtl would be rather impossible

@dym I have to figure out why the lexicon is in the wiki, I only remember federating the glossary which does not use the runic format.

@dym arf, I just saw your name at the bottom. yeah the wiki is plaintext entries only.

@neauoire yeah, it's just a local dev copy, i wanted to test code blocks, sorry if it scared you :)

back to the original point, prefixing every line still feels pretty tiresome, comparing to markdown's ```

@dym It's just a matter of habbit, I find the ``` blocks a bit awkward myself.

@thelibrarian i would start by putting all current files on github so other would know what exactly the talk is about

@thelibrarian something like this maybe:

plus if it's visual -- with thumbnail

feel free to ask me for help or collab on design/css, js and whatnot

@thelibrarian @nihiltarian @whtrbt @jere @cblgh I'm not totally sure I understand what you're asking. Frameworks to do what?

@neauoire Web frameworks or the like, ones specifically good for teaching and organizing data in a unique way.

@thelibrarian I don't think you need frameworks to do that? You want to just create a repository of notes that you collect?

@neauoire Maybe a wiki type of thing? I don't know yet. Just looking about for inspiration.

@dym @thelibrarian oh that’s neat! probably not the fastest way to access your files, but it’s about the journey right?

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