Hey @neauoire , I met someone recently that I thought would really belong in Merveilles. I know I spoke with you personally when i came into the fold, but the github mentions it being invite only. Does that mean that members can invite others, or no?

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@thelibrarian oh yes, just tell them to create an account, I'll accept it :)

@neauoire So, I had him fill out the merveilles application and he is signing up using the name "Chrono". It should be sent in momentarily. Thanks for being so welcoming! He's been very impressed with everyone's work.

@neauoire Thank you so much - Merveilles is best home of all homes.

@thelibrarian @neauoire Fun fact when I created my account I was so stressed to not be accepted I wrote almost a full article about everything I loved and how I related to merveilles.

Then I hit send and discovered the message was limited to 300 or so characters. :ouroboros:

@thomasorus @neauoire I was very uncertain as to the application process when I joined, and in fact I just went back and looked at the email I sent seeking admission. It's a bit embarrassing - seeing as I freaking misspelled Merveilles as Marveilles.

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