I'm writing a technical book for and I Am aiming to make it as close to a holy text as possible. All you could ever need for reference, and many games that are built from scratch. A chapter on history of fantasy consoles and a comprehensive, robust series of modules that can be used in any project. I've been at it for a year but its in so many pieces that I need to find a platform or style to begin compiling it all.

What should I write it in?

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I have the majority written in markdown, but it's my first technical book so I don't know how to design this thing in a way that it can be translated into pdf, epub, print, html, what have you.

Ive looked into magicbook and mdbook, I've used scrivener for planning, github for wiki, and I just can't do it in word. It's not conducive to code.

Any suggestions would be great. People are wanting it and suggesting I start a kickstarter but I can until I'm confident in the presentation.

@thelibrarian this tool a writer friend made takes markdown as input and outputs epub and other formats :) i think it is really nice

@thelibrarian Since I created my first document in LaTeX, I can’t imagine using anything else

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