I'm looking for some suggestions for small LCD/OLED/LED screens to make a -8 handheld. Planning on using a to run it. A while back, I managed to get a kernel going that boots straight into the software.

Where do the makers here buy their equipment? I usually go with Adafruit, but I'm trying to look at other channels.

Quickly download PDF versions of your favorite Wiki articles # You can download single articles, or hundreds. I posted it to Reddit's /r/DataHoarder, and someone there used it to download EVERY Wikipedia article - 17 million in total.


Write out the names of the articles you want in a text file, 1 per line, and then run my script!

There's 2 versions; HIGHLY recommend the colored version over the classic version!

Working on a submission for the GBStudio&MiniJam30 .


Started today - due tomorrow, but I wanted to share the software as it's really cool and actually makes hardware playable gameboy games in a very easy to use interface. Though, I did make the palette you use as an extension for Aseprite, it's the only thing on the website right now!


Use the extension if you do or are a !


@grafofilia Hey, I just wanted to say hi and welcome you to the community! I'm very new here myself, and don't have nearly the kudos that some of the folks here do - but I really love being here anyway, and I think you will too. I see you're into python, which is an easy way to get me talking for ages. Want to live code something together? I'm free in an hour or so if you want to! Something fun...like maybe something like AGRIPPA? Anyway, nice to meet you! Let me know. tinyurl.com/abookdead

@_discovery @floatvoid :triangle: that list is pretty cut and dry, and as I expected it might look. The web design desires in me have only manifested at the turn of the year in truth. Before then, I strictly made games and tools - none of them hosted live in any case. I have so much catching up to do. But, Trantor has all the books a person could want on web design, at the low price of ethical integrity. I won't link here, but search "Imperial Library of Trantor" on git. Tor required.


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