Any or people in town should check out and bookmark my new and improved Pico-8 API!

I'm still fixing it up, but you can read the short blog post I made at the BBS,

Thanks all!

@neauoire You are so welcoming, not to mention interesting.

Because of that, I'd like to see if you want to do an interview. I have no idea when it will be published, maybe only seen by a few people, and I won't receive anything but the joy of doing it. It's not impossible someone would want to buy the story - but I'd like to tell you more about it in private.

I need to do a poll for game devs here in Merveilles. Anonymous polling apps to recommend?

Working on a submission for the GBStudio&MiniJam30 .

Started today - due tomorrow, but I wanted to share the software as it's really cool and actually makes hardware playable gameboy games in a very easy to use interface. Though, I did make the palette you use as an extension for Aseprite, it's the only thing on the website right now!

Use the extension if you do or are a !



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