Anyone out there in , , or especially - an opportunity beckons.

I wish to give 1 of you unfettered access to all books, textbooks, and audiobooks you can imagine.

ALL can eventually join, but they will have to pass a test not administered by me. That happens only once or twice a month, I believe on the last friday.

If you are interested in hearing more, just dm me the name of the story/tv show/film/book/game that scared you as a child.

I'll be in touch!

I'm wanting to find a partner or two to mold minds with for the purpose of constructing a language. The script, the grammar, everything eventually. I'm fascinated with the whole thing, and I've previously made two scripts - more like ciphers - of my own.

Here's some enticing links to get your creativity going:

Every Made Up Language

How Do?


Hello everyone! Hope the town is doing well and for a time still to come. That said - I've got a looming feeling that there's danger afoot in , and I shall bring the injustice to light. (Mice are not un-just-misunderstood. - *Written on a note found near a cheese crumb simply to dastardly to come close to, for it reeked of the dust gremlin's.

I've been filling in my world over on Worldanvil after spending years on notebooks. They are taking up too much space - so I'm in a mood.


Merveilles is a community project aimed at the establishment of new ways of speaking, seeing and organizing information — A culture that seeks augmentation through the arts of engineering and design. A warm welcome to any like-minded people who feel these ideals resonate with them.