This is a new thing I'm working on for writing documentation for Pico-8! It will be a custom markdown parsed into html eventually, for now, the Night Mode is the part I love. Thanks goes to yal from yal.cc for letting me mod some of his work.

My site, odd.codes was somehow compromised and thus is now just a blank index.html saying as much. Since it's meant to be a repository for learning about/proliferating unique aspects of coding - does anyone have some suggestions on where I should start over? Frameworks, recommendations - whatever! @neauoire @nihiltarian @whtrbt @jere @cblgh

Working on a submission for the GBStudio&MiniJam30 .


Started today - due tomorrow, but I wanted to share the software as it's really cool and actually makes hardware playable gameboy games in a very easy to use interface. Though, I did make the palette you use as an extension for Aseprite, it's the only thing on the website right now!


Use the extension if you do or are a !


@neauoire Everybody, I've been banging my head against a wall for a week attempting to write the simplest wiki-style site possible. If anyone can help with ideas, conversation, collaboration, or anything at all - I need it! So, message me here or find me on discord at iivii#5991

@floatvoid @nullself @neauoire @alison @jere

I just got the most amazing domain name and I have to share it with you guys and the whole community for that matter.


Now - what do you guys envision finding in place named such? I have a few ideas, but I'm curious as to expectations. I simply love the name, and everyone has such cool names for their projects, I'm just happy to join the club. (It was only 6 bucks. Those suckers. ;) )


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