I'm looking for some suggestions for small LCD/OLED/LED screens to make a -8 handheld. Planning on using a to run it. A while back, I managed to get a kernel going that boots straight into the software.

Where do the makers here buy their equipment? I usually go with Adafruit, but I'm trying to look at other channels.

Anyone out there in , , or especially - an opportunity beckons.

I wish to give 1 of you unfettered access to all books, textbooks, and audiobooks you can imagine.

ALL can eventually join, but they will have to pass a test not administered by me. That happens only once or twice a month, I believe on the last friday.

If you are interested in hearing more, just dm me the name of the story/tv show/film/book/game that scared you as a child.

I'll be in touch!

@neauoire @somnius

Has Merveilles as a whole ever considered making our virtual world into a real one for a few days? I just thought how absolutely lifechanging an event like that would be for me. I'm so enthralled with the work of nearly every human being in this community, it feels like a Paris in the 20's type situation.

I move to begin talks on organizing "Merveilles Faire" ~ To Build Merveilles ~ as a festival, that could last a few days, and we can all meet!

I'm wanting to find a partner or two to mold minds with for the purpose of constructing a language. The script, the grammar, everything eventually. I'm fascinated with the whole thing, and I've previously made two scripts - more like ciphers - of my own.

Here's some enticing links to get your creativity going:

Every Made Up Language

How Do?


Quickly download PDF versions of your favorite Wiki articles # You can download single articles, or hundreds. I posted it to Reddit's /r/DataHoarder, and someone there used it to download EVERY Wikipedia article - 17 million in total.


Write out the names of the articles you want in a text file, 1 per line, and then run my script!

There's 2 versions; HIGHLY recommend the colored version over the classic version!

@neauoire You are so welcoming, not to mention interesting.

Because of that, I'd like to see if you want to do an interview. I have no idea when it will be published, maybe only seen by a few people, and I won't receive anything but the joy of doing it. It's not impossible someone would want to buy the story - but I'd like to tell you more about it in private.

I need to do a poll for game devs here in Merveilles. Anonymous polling apps to recommend?


This is a new thing I'm working on for writing documentation for Pico-8! It will be a custom markdown parsed into html eventually, for now, the Night Mode is the part I love. Thanks goes to yal from yal.cc for letting me mod some of his work.

My site, odd.codes was somehow compromised and thus is now just a blank index.html saying as much. Since it's meant to be a repository for learning about/proliferating unique aspects of coding - does anyone have some suggestions on where I should start over? Frameworks, recommendations - whatever! @neauoire @nihiltarian @whtrbt @jere @cblgh

Working on a submission for the GBStudio&MiniJam30 .


Started today - due tomorrow, but I wanted to share the software as it's really cool and actually makes hardware playable gameboy games in a very easy to use interface. Though, I did make the palette you use as an extension for Aseprite, it's the only thing on the website right now!


Use the extension if you do or are a !


@neauoire Everybody, I've been banging my head against a wall for a week attempting to write the simplest wiki-style site possible. If anyone can help with ideas, conversation, collaboration, or anything at all - I need it! So, message me here or find me on discord at iivii#5991

@floatvoid @nullself @neauoire @alison @jere

I just got the most amazing domain name and I have to share it with you guys and the whole community for that matter.


Now - what do you guys envision finding in place named such? I have a few ideas, but I'm curious as to expectations. I simply love the name, and everyone has such cool names for their projects, I'm just happy to join the club. (It was only 6 bucks. Those suckers. ;) )


Merveilles is a community project aimed at the establishment of new ways of speaking, seeing and organizing information — A culture that seeks augmentation through the arts of engineering and design. A warm welcome to any like-minded people who feel these ideals resonate with them.