Hey everyone! I've had a lot going on lately, car accidents and boring things like that. A full size Coca Cola brand semi backed up into my fiancees car because he got stuck under a bridge and she got her neck all messed up, but she'll be okay soon no doubt. The area we live in has a very low train overpass, and about 8 signs leading up to the overpass letting the truckers know to stop and go back. They never do! :( How's everyone doing though?
@neauoire @dualhammers @chronodave

@neauoire Do you think that Ronin would serve as a good way to create an element in an ARG? I've been experimenting when I have time with things that ARGs have been lacking (I'm sick of stegonography, and hex codes, and the typical fair.) I think Ronin has the potential to really give a participant in a world a unique experience, sort of like Agrippa here. What do you think?

@chrono @neauoire Merveilles maps haven't been made yet I don't think, so I just gave you directions. You definitely would have found your way eventually. I'm glad to have a new neighbor!

I'm a communication & multimedia design student from The Netherlands. I like creating things.

You can find some of my stuff here: github.com/chronoDave

Currently working on my portfolio / website, so hopefully I'll be able to show more projects in the near future!

Thank you @thelibrarian for inviting me, and @neauoire for accepting me :)


This is a new thing I'm working on for writing documentation for Pico-8! It will be a custom markdown parsed into html eventually, for now, the Night Mode is the part I love. Thanks goes to yal from yal.cc for letting me mod some of his work.

@thomasorus @neauoire I was very uncertain as to the application process when I joined, and in fact I just went back and looked at the email I sent seeking admission. It's a bit embarrassing - seeing as I freaking misspelled Merveilles as Marveilles.

@thelibrarian @neauoire Fun fact when I created my account I was so stressed to not be accepted I wrote almost a full article about everything I loved and how I related to merveilles.

Then I hit send and discovered the message was limited to 300 or so characters. :ouroboros:

@neauoire Thank you so much - Merveilles is best home of all homes.

@neauoire So, I had him fill out the merveilles application and he is signing up using the name "Chrono". It should be sent in momentarily. Thanks for being so welcoming! He's been very impressed with everyone's work.

@thelibrarian oh yes, just tell them to create an account, I'll accept it :)

Hey @neauoire , I met someone recently that I thought would really belong in Merveilles. I know I spoke with you personally when i came into the fold, but the github mentions it being invite only. Does that mean that members can invite others, or no?

@dym @neauoire I don't have any reason to have that forked, and I'm going to remove it. How strange. I don't recall that at all.

@neauoire @dym Not sure how I missed the webring. I'll consider this - thank you very much!

@neauoire @dym I've experiemented with an offline wiki through tiddlywiki.

@neauoire @dym It is varied and non-conformed to any single type currently. A lot of it is in simple text, a lot in markdown, some in html, very little in json. Mostly it is in folders/subfolders divided into categories by language or use case. Some of it is annotated code written in the language itself, all information simply in multiline comments.

@dym There was - but I didn't like where it was at all. I wanted to redo it as it was. I need to organize a lot of data.

@neauoire Maybe a wiki type of thing? I don't know yet. Just looking about for inspiration.

@neauoire Web frameworks or the like, ones specifically good for teaching and organizing data in a unique way.

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