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I've been experimenting with the dat:// protocol , but what I need to understand is where the roots of this tree need to be planted. Do I make a parser first? Do I make a template in regular HTML and then figure out how to reverse it down? I've been working on 2 parsers, one in Lua, one in Python. Both suck as of now. @neauoire Am I losing you yet?

Okay, well just with text and no links I have attempted to start from scratch about 3 times. The thing is - I'm in territory that I feel that no one has completely tried before and therefore, I don't know where to go to get advice. To give you something you are familiar with, I want to create a site with the most simple markup language possible - maybe from scratch. I want it to function like Paradise to a degree - but a real Library, filled with all the books and things I've collected@neauoire

It's current purpose is for footpedals, but that's not the final goal.

@jrc03c I will post a link in an hour that has a compilation of my attempts. I'm taking a test atm, I'm sorry about that!

@neauoire Everybody, I've been banging my head against a wall for a week attempting to write the simplest wiki-style site possible. If anyone can help with ideas, conversation, collaboration, or anything at all - I need it! So, message me here or find me on discord at iivii#5991

@thelibrarian @neauoire congratulations it has been debunked that this person has not cracked it!

@Merristasis It's nothing, I hope it helps in some small way. Merveilles is a haven of wonder, and I'll support every local business that I can. 🌃

@_discovery @floatvoid :triangle: that list is pretty cut and dry, and as I expected it might look. The web design desires in me have only manifested at the turn of the year in truth. Before then, I strictly made games and tools - none of them hosted live in any case. I have so much catching up to do. But, Trantor has all the books a person could want on web design, at the low price of ethical integrity. I won't link here, but search "Imperial Library of Trantor" on git. Tor required.

@floatvoid @nullself @neauoire @alison @jere

I just got the most amazing domain name and I have to share it with you guys and the whole community for that matter.

Now - what do you guys envision finding in place named such? I have a few ideas, but I'm curious as to expectations. I simply love the name, and everyone has such cool names for their projects, I'm just happy to join the club. (It was only 6 bucks. Those suckers. ;) )

Friends and neigbors, what are the 3 most vital languages to have in the modern programmers toolbelt? You see, I feel that it's likely javascript will be mentioned...however, it is the language I am least familiar with and most projects I want to work on right now flat out require an intermediate level knowledge in it. Does anyone not put it in the top 3? Would all the time I spent in Lua have served me better if I had focused on JS? I'm just at a crossroads, and need to make a choice.

Brainstorming up the century of storms. Black and crackling, crack blackening. I must make a game. There is a game that need to be made. It's for you Non. It always has been.

@nullself Today I ended up making a color selector for python that gives you a dialog and allows you to choose & name a color which it then outputs to a logfile, containing a combination of hex, rgb, & hsl values, depending on your needs. Now, I need to clean it up, and format the logs better, like maybe a png export into a palette?. It's nothing amazing, better apps exist, no doubt. But I constantly need a translator function or color or conversion, & I have it now, fresh from the oven! :)

@nullself I really love the blog! I've been thinking of doing something like it, and have been trying to write my own from scratch. Lots of false starts, I get sidetracked with too many smaller projects.

Hey remember when the World Wide Web was a hyperlinked document storage engine? I remember that. That was really cool. I miss hyperlinked document storage engines.

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