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cabal://14bc77d788fdaf07b89b28e9d276e47f2e44011f4adb981921056e1b3b40e99e Join us! @cblgh I want to talk with you about how awesome this thing is! All the others too now! @neauoire @ckipp @Merristasis @eel @jrc03c @nullself

@grafofilia Hey, I just wanted to say hi and welcome you to the community! I'm very new here myself, and don't have nearly the kudos that some of the folks here do - but I really love being here anyway, and I think you will too. I see you're into python, which is an easy way to get me talking for ages. Want to live code something together? I'm free in an hour or so if you want to! Something maybe something like AGRIPPA? Anyway, nice to meet you! Let me know.

@thelibrarian @ckipp @jrc03c Well it sounds like you're going after P2P web, so in that case I would suggest forgetting about python, and ruby and all that site building stuff.

Now, yes, you should make yourself a parser. Once you have that data, you make yourself a router, that will take the url query, and locate it in the parsed data.

Once you have connected query, with data, just display it in a nice day.

This is the flow of my wiki, maybe it can inspire you.

And I need to finish the test now! I've been doing work for for years, but not the subtitling for films and such. Just the audio transcription. I'll be back in a bit. Hopefully they give me the position, as it pays much better.

@ckipp 's gyul is a great start and that would be the most applicable working example I can think of. I just need to know where to begin. I don't want to copy the work, but try to do something inspired by its minimalist design on my own, with a lot of Borgesian flair in there. @neauoire @jrc03c

I've been experimenting with the dat:// protocol , but what I need to understand is where the roots of this tree need to be planted. Do I make a parser first? Do I make a template in regular HTML and then figure out how to reverse it down? I've been working on 2 parsers, one in Lua, one in Python. Both suck as of now. @neauoire Am I losing you yet?

Okay, well just with text and no links I have attempted to start from scratch about 3 times. The thing is - I'm in territory that I feel that no one has completely tried before and therefore, I don't know where to go to get advice. To give you something you are familiar with, I want to create a site with the most simple markup language possible - maybe from scratch. I want it to function like Paradise to a degree - but a real Library, filled with all the books and things I've collected@neauoire

It's current purpose is for footpedals, but that's not the final goal.

@jrc03c I will post a link in an hour that has a compilation of my attempts. I'm taking a test atm, I'm sorry about that!

@neauoire Everybody, I've been banging my head against a wall for a week attempting to write the simplest wiki-style site possible. If anyone can help with ideas, conversation, collaboration, or anything at all - I need it! So, message me here or find me on discord at iivii#5991

@thelibrarian @neauoire congratulations it has been debunked that this person has not cracked it!

@Merristasis It's nothing, I hope it helps in some small way. Merveilles is a haven of wonder, and I'll support every local business that I can. 🌃

@_discovery @floatvoid :triangle: that list is pretty cut and dry, and as I expected it might look. The web design desires in me have only manifested at the turn of the year in truth. Before then, I strictly made games and tools - none of them hosted live in any case. I have so much catching up to do. But, Trantor has all the books a person could want on web design, at the low price of ethical integrity. I won't link here, but search "Imperial Library of Trantor" on git. Tor required.

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Merveilles is a community project aimed at the establishment of new ways of speaking, seeing and organizing information — A culture that seeks augmentation through the arts of engineering and design. A warm welcome to any like-minded people who feel these ideals resonate with them.